Homeless people should not have pet dogs, amirite?
@Fatty I'm immature!? you're the ignorant douche who despite all the evidence against your ridiculous argument continues...

Well you told me I don't deserve to live, and I'm an ignorant douche, so yeah you're pretty immature. Also if I'm so wrong then why is this post positron 146?

It's a bichon not a poodle, amirite?
@Skr3wBall First picture is a poodle, second is a Bichon Frise.

Good observation. I'm making a point there is a difference in breeds.

What is sometimes green, sometimes brown, but always a little yellow?


falling off a trampoline is the SCARIEST thing in the world, amirite?

But falling off is the funniest part!

Homeless people should not have pet dogs, amirite?

Hmmmm have a dry spot for the animal when it rains, a safe spot for it when its hurt. A person without a house has none of these things! Have you ever lived homeless? I bet its not as glamorous or carefree as you seem to think it is.

Homeless people should not have pet dogs, amirite?
What is hot when you put it in the refrigerator and when it comes out it is still hot?
Homeless people should not have pet dogs, amirite?

Yeah, that's exactly what I see! I have not once seen a homeless person with a healthy, happy looking animal. I don't know what anonymous poster is seeing (a bum making $100,000 annual income WTF?) But homeless people do not take good care of their pets.

As for Injuries? Well let's see, dog being ran over by a car(seen it). A homeless person trying their dog to a traffic cone and dog runs away with cone still attached gets stuck under a truck dog nearly chokes it self to death (seen it). Starving because today just wasn't a good day for begging. Those are not 'magical injuries"

Anyway don't say " that's the person, not the lack of a house." I can not be the only one that sees the abuse these animals go though.

Homeless people should not have pet dogs, amirite?

Where the hell do we live? Where do you live? A fucking fairyland?! A house does makes quite a bit of difference! Oh and for your quick thought I have volunteered for both animal shelters and vet offices before and that''s the main reason i even came up with this amirite. Because of all the near death animals I seen that have been either taken from a homeless person or dropped once they finally realize they can't take care of an animal when they cant even take care of them selves!

Homeless people should not have pet dogs, amirite?
@Fatty Because you don't respect the right of other human beings. You don't treat others as equals, but instead section...

They don't need companionship. They need a job! They need a way to be able to support them self before they have to support a dog. A domestic dog can't take care of it self! Why should I offer them sympathy or support? I'm going to offer the dog support because it can't get a job! It cant just buy itself food. It can't pay for its vet pills! If it gets hit by a car do you think it's just gonna march it's way to a vets office like a human can to an ER? I respect people if they deserve it. I WILL NOT RESPECT AN ANIMAL ABUSER!!

Homeless people should not have pet dogs, amirite?

So the animal should have to live like that too? Don't be stupid, a homeless person that can't afford their own home don't deserve a pet.

Why do we travel to work every day?

Because work can't travel towards us.

What are some wacky or unusual things on your to-do before you die list?

Climb the Matterhorn. Both the one in the Alps and in Disneyland.

A man is alone on an island with no food and no water, yet he does not fear for his life.

How do I add an answer when theres no question?

PhD's and entrepreneurship, one or the other?