It's pretty ironic when some vegetarians wear UGG/EMU boots, amirite?

It would be ironic if the vegetarian was eating the boot.

It's such a relief December 26 because you don't have to hear Christmas songs for another 11 months, amirite?
You cried when Wilson the Volleyball floated away from Tom Hanks in "cast away", amirite?

Amen brotha!

if black people= chocolate, and white people= vanilla. what are asians, amirite?
@Nooo it most certainly is NOT.

It most certainly is! Not only does it taste different. They are made up of too different sugars. LOOK IT UP!

Homeless people should not have pet dogs, amirite?
@Fatty I'm immature!? you're the ignorant douche who despite all the evidence against your ridiculous argument continues...

Well you told me I don't deserve to live, and I'm an ignorant douche, so yeah you're pretty immature. Also if I'm so wrong then why is this post positron 146?

It's a bichon not a poodle, amirite?
@Skr3wBall First picture is a poodle, second is a Bichon Frise.

Good observation. I'm making a point there is a difference in breeds.

Homeless people should not have pet dogs, amirite?
If you had to have a quote/word/phrase tattooed on yourself, what would it be?

Hakuna matata

There are two teenage boys that live down the street who have been very mischievous lately. They come over to our house to play basketball with our hoop all the time without asking. They have came as early as 5 in the morning to as late as 9 at night. My mom and my dad have asked them to leave nicely many times especially past 8 pm and they go away but we either find them playing an hour later or we find trash on our driveway the next morning. Once my mom even found them on the side of our house crouching down looking through a window. Also, there have been reports in my neighborhood that late at night people have come and banged loudly on peoples doors and ran off and everyone is almost sure it is them. My neighbors have also been complaining about them skateboarding on their driveways at a very late hour. We are considering telling the parents of the teenagers, but we have had this conversation with them before in the past years and it is no use. She just answers in a " boys just being boys" type of attitude. So thats no help. What should me, my family, and my neighbors do? please respond.

Scare them.

Should kids have longer school days?

8 hours a day. 5 days a week. All year long. Get them used to the working world.

Age old question: Who am I?

An elderly Alzheimer patient.

Hooch is crazy, amirite?

Hooch is seriously crazy

Obama really needs to get impeached, you realize that he is already defying the constitution. amirite?

You can't die from not having health insurance. It's not a disease, its not cancer, it's not an illness, it's not a crazy man with a gun. It can not kill you. It's a choice. You can still go to the hospital if you don't have health insurance, it's gonna cost a lot but its still possible.

What is sometimes green, sometimes brown, but always a little yellow?


falling off a trampoline is the SCARIEST thing in the world, amirite?

But falling off is the funniest part!