The only real difference between a mullet and mohawk is width. amirite?

And hair product

If you haven't heard of Varg Vikernes, you are missing out. amirite?
@He sucks but the music is ok.

And also, just cause he murdered someone he sucks?

Screaming is a flashbang for blind people, amirite?

Dude. It's a flash BANG! It already works on blind people.

There are carrots in the world that you share birthdays with. amirite?
@Shiny244 Nsfw tag next time please.

😂😂😂 also, WTF??

"It runs DOOM" is the exact opposite of "But can it run Crysis?", amirite?

Running Doom eternal on a pregnansy test, because Doom is eternal

people who give money to Twitch and SnapChat girls and pay for porn; can feel a lot better about themselves if they donate that money to charity and give it to poor people. amirite?
@Milkzey but deep down the can't look at it like that!

You have no idea how they look at it. Also, you're way too concerned with how other people choose to live their life.

If you haven't heard of Varg Vikernes, you are missing out. amirite?
The wealthier you are, the further your couch is from a wall. amirite?

I dunno, I've seen some weird studio apartments in my day.

Peanut butter makes good lube for the first few minutes. amirite?

Sounds like a bad yeast infection about too happen...

Cheese is the only thing that, when you melt it, becomes more delicious. amirite?

butter, checkmate

someone out there is sexually attracted to snowmen, amirite?
@I... doubt it.

You have a lot of hope in humanity left. How admirable.

The Death Star's pantry must have been MASSIVE. amirite?

They probably actually had many many restaurants like some hotels.

A fart is not complete unless you smell it, amirite?

If a tree falls in a forest...

Technically if you're pro-life, you can't be a meat eater. amirite?
@Openeyes Pro-life arguement is that all life matters. I was making fun of a point/loophole there.

Very few people equate human and chicken lives, which is what you are saying. You, not pro-lifers.

You probably have an ancestor that looks exactly like you, amirite?

No, I don't.