About me.

I am a Saint. When the world ends, I will not. Which logically, will REALLY suck for me.

My hobbies include promoting distrust, starting fights, and teaching people to lie.

I don't love amirite much, because I find it lags up ALOT.

I like to speak differently than most people, because it makes me feel better than them.

I wish magic was real. In fact, I have plans to usurp heaven and rewrite the world.

DNA is wonderful.

Chemistry is wonderful.

I actually know a few people like scrantoncity. Like, really. One is a crazy old tambourine lady who got kicked out of her own church for being over opinionated. Sometimes, I talk to my christian friends and say: "hey, you remember tambourine lady", because she liked to interrupt the preacher and shout things about people. Very negative, that woman.

I like writing "about me" things. It allows me to speak my mind clearly, without worrying of whom I am talking to.