About me.

I live in New York, New York, USA
I am a girl and my name is Sydney
I'm 16 years old. My Birthday is March 15th
I was born in Kraków,Poland and moved to America when I was 4 years old.
I speak fluent Polish, Italian, Bulgarian, Spanish and German.... I never realized how many languages i knew until I just wrote them all down...
I'm a pretty uh.. lets say... "Creative" kid.
I get pretty decent grades in school and my teachers probably wonder how I keep my GPA up with my insaness on top of it all...
I have a twin brother who is annoying, but is awesome when he has friends over.. lol.
I like Amirte because it lets me express myself and my creativity, even if i am wrong...But anyway thats enough about me... This is getting pretty lengthy..... Hope you Enjoy my Posts! :)