About me.

  • Age: 172 and a half. Sex: not ‘til I’m ready, thank you very much. Location: the North Pole. Wi-Fi here’s terrible.
  • I love reading and writing, mainly fantasy and science fiction. Usually I’m working on something, whether it be a fanfiction, an RP character, a story, or that novel I’ll finish and get published. Someday.
  • Favorite music: Within Temptation, Evanescence, Epica, Coldplay, Nightwish, Trading Yesterday, The Maine, Darren Criss (Starkid anyone?) I’m willing to try new things though, as long as it isn’t rap. Rap just doesn’ no. Sorry, Eminem.
  • Favorite books: Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, Jane Eyre, Midsummer Night’s Dream. I will admit to being a crazed HP fangirl at times. At times. Slightly.
  • Favorite TV shows: Glee, The Office, 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory, Star Trek, Friends, Doctor Who. David Tennant is quite possibly the cutest guy on the planet. No, sorry, UNIVERSE.
  • When I was seven, my life’s dream was to become an author. Then I grew up and found out how much the average author makes. Reality hurts sometimes. Now I want a job in genetics. Hmm, maybe I’ll write a book about epigenetics. [sarcasm] That’ll really fly off the shelves. [/sarcasm]
  • I would be content to live solely on pho and Nutella if there were no consequences.
  • I am a stickler for grammar, punctuation, capitalization... the whole shebang. I’ll also make mistakes though, so feel free to call me a hypocrite.
  • Math and science interest me more than anything, ‘specially chemistry and genetics. Electron configuration B)
  • I say things that don’t make sense a lot, so be warned.
  • Reading meaningful quotes is a fun pastime. They get stuck in your head, y’know?
  • Meh, that’s enough about me. Ta ta~