About me.

I have a big personality and say what I'm thinking.. I phrase things weird... But that's me (: haha
I've been with my boyfriend since my 15th bday -which is just over a year (:
We balance eachother out and are perfect!!! We wet at my church, teaching Sunday school and singing... Which brings me to the face that I'm a Christian and proud of it! I'm not going to push my religion on you. I'll talk about it but won't judge you for your beliefs... That's rude and defeats the purpose of my religion... If you want to debate/discuss with a person with strong political views that sway republican, I'm your gal!

I also have to mention that 'howgirl' is something i came up with when I was little. My now 12 year old cat is named Howie (after the backstreet boys haha) and I was born in Texas so it's like 'cow girl' but not lol... It's rele lame but it's stuck