About me.

Hi. I have a name, but I'm not exactly encouraged to use it on the internet.
I'm also a rule breaker. My name is Cassidy.

hmmmm. well. I'm not so great at offering up information sooooo if you have a question, please ask.
But I'm a vegetarian. And a girl. Last I checked. I also am a firm believer in sound effects- they spice up any conversation. Chilling with the icicles in West Michigan. I live in a conservative town (read: white people who have money), and I survive it. I like independent thinkers and my favorite songs are forgotten until I rediscover them.
I'm getting better at flute and drawing, I especially love charcoal pencils. And elephants. I have a strange fascination with them.

My hair is naturally orange brown. Because you wanted to know. For another fun fact, I love spanish.

I have a short memory span but for some reason I will remember certain details forever about random events. Also, as much as I really don't like made up statistics, I'd say roughly 80% of what I post is original.

Also, I am too random for anyone's personal good, so I unleash my spastic, scary, rainbow ideas to you poor fuckers on the internet.

MUY IMPORTANTE!!!!!! I just changed my name? Used to be run2bfree, now huggersNOTdruggers because the first one sounds like I made it when I was ten. I'm not ten. Obviously, I think this new username makes me come across as older and more mature.