Do you eat macaroni and cheese with a spoon or a fork? amirite?

What kind of mental illness causes one to eat macaroni and cheese with a spoon?

Write a sad story in four words.

“Ice cream machine broke”.


Wash before consuming.

Brussels is another shining example of why not to let the refugees come here.

Damn Merkel should really have listened to you.

How many oceans have you seen?

Indian and Atlantic. I am un smiliefortunate enough to live in the southern tip of Africa, where the two oceans meet.

Ek vermoed daar is ’n tipe vloek op hierdie webblad. Mense kom en gaan in siklusse van so 2-3 jaar. Ek sélf het elke dag van 2010 tot 2013 besoek, maar verlaat weens ongewenste veranderinge na die vorige eienaar (en skepper) van amirite die domein verkoop het aan ’n drol.

Where were you on 9/11?

A small town in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

"If a = b, what is c?"

What's your favorite flavor Dorito's?

I don't know if this is available outside South Africa.
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Which is currently more contagious Ebola or Fear Of Ebola

I live in Africa and I am more wary of crime than Ebola or even HIV.

I work for a shop that sells and distributes purified water. Around the time Mandela died, I had arranged to manage the place for a week, as the owners were on holiday visiting family in Cape Town. One of our clients is a restaurant on the University of Pretoria's sports campus, which happened to be one of the assembly points for mourners who were to be transported to the Union Buildings (where Mandela's body was being displayed to the public).
I had to deliver water on my own, as we were only two people working at the time. People were lining up the road by the thousands and I had to drive through the crowds with hundreds of bottles of water on the back of the car. People were hot, thirsty and tired, and I could feel their looks of resentment. It was as if I was inside a living nightmare.