Your subconscious mind is the most powerful thing in the world, amirite?

haha not neccisarily a good thing

Gangnam style is hilarious! amirite?
Gangnam style is hilarious! amirite?
@Kashish Idk, but Gangnam style sure is

thats what it says. at first that was a typo then i fixed it.

Lol. i just referenced Cannibalism in my journal response for homework....... that's kinda wierd, amirite?
Some days all you really need is somebody to make you smile.. amirite?
It's really irritating when people call you nerdy for reading. Yes, I enjoy reading. Yes, I have crushes on fictional characters, but what's wrong with that? Just because my hobbies are a bit more educationally based doesn't mean I need to be classified under something different than my classmates. Just the fact that I read a lot doesn't mean I don't have friends and I spend my entire life alone hacking into computers and doing other stereotypical "nerd" shit, amirite?

Omg. U practically stole those words from my mouth. That is EXACTLY something I'd say. Woah. Just woah.

I keep getting mixed up between claustrophobia and homophobia. Which is the one about being in a closet? ...amirite?


"If you read the book you'd understand the movie."..."THE MOVIE SHOULD MAKE ME UNDERSTAND THE MOVIE!", amirite?

but still..... since they cant put every detail in a movie, its better to reed the book

Yes, dog, we WOULD be going for a walk if you would just calm down for two seconds so I could put this damn leash on you, amirite?

its hilarious. ,my dog is trained too well. whenever she hears us say, outside, walk, toy, rope, car, or squirrel, she will run to the door or get a toy or rope, etc. its soooooooo funny

You always have to rub your lips together after putting on Chapstick, otherwise it doesn't feel right, amirite?
(If you aren't related), you know you're pretty good friends if you are jogging and your friend asks you for a swig of your water, amirite?
You can almost always tell if a movie uses real dinosaurs, amirite?
You like croutons, amirite?
@SkylarOctavious I eat them right out of the bag.

yeah me too. My mum makes really good croutons

You like croutons, amirite?