People who study Philosophy at university end up asking "Why would you like fries with that? amirite?
If you go to see "The Hunger Games," you shouldn't buy any popcorn, just to get in the spirit, amirite?

or you could make a vlog in which the camera is shaking uncontrollably for no apparent reason.

how do you blow threw 150 bucks fast ? buy college textbooks. amirite?

How do you know when a person isn't in college? when they think 150$ for textbooks is a lot.

Santa has run out of coal this year, so all the naughty children will be receiving Nickelback albums, amirite?
@OFWGKTA Whats so bad about nickelback?

thats what ive always wondered. i like em' because each time they release an album its more of the same. that sounds bad but because of it theyve kept their original target audience all the way back from like their second album. they release consistent, decent music and i dont have to worry about them going off the deep end like linkin park. whats wrong with that?

It's annoying when people won't shut up during movies, amirite?
@ender When I saw Charlie St. Cloud I sat in front of this girl who 1. was a bitch 2. kept talking about her own fucking...

when i saw transformers 2, midnight premiere, there was a party of black teenagers that decided that whenever something exploded, it was necessary to yell "AWWWWWW SHIIITTT!".
let it be known that this movie had a lot of explosions. unlike you, i kept quiet and respectful but the dude behind em started yelling "AWWWWWW SHIT" during the quiet parts to show em how fucking annoying it was. i admired his effort, but it still didn't work.

I just poured superglue into a non-stick pan. Somebody is going to be wrong. amirite?

great POTD

They should make a realistic version of Call of Duty. For example: when you get shot in the leg, sorry bitch but you're limping for the rest of the round. Or being in the presence of too many AC130s would impair your hearing, so the game would go mute.And eventually, after beating Campaign Mode, you get Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Then, when you come home after your tour, your wife is banging your neighbor, amirite?
@I've always thought a game like this would be cool, actually. Like, you'd drop your gun for a second if you were...

the problem with these types of ideas is that they are realistic but leave alot to happenstance , for example when a real gun is fired the bullets dont always fly where your aimed, as they do in COD (Excluding hip fire) but if they didnt then it wouldnt be worth playing that realistic game too much because you could never really improve as much as you can on COD. it sounds awesome but it would just cause even more frustration in a video game genre where there are already more screaming 12 year olds than the freezer in my basement.

Americans: We should paint the White House black and still call it the White House. That way all the other countries would be like "Hey, that house isn't white, why is it called the White House?", and then we can all have some good laughs as our economy fails, amirite?
@Jules Negative, Red. It is a Sicillian pastry....

Silly Jules... It's definitely one of those brown popsicles that look like they should taste like chocolate but end up tasting like vanilla, and your all "aww what the hell" but then you realize its all ok because the popsicle stand has a buy one get one free deal, so you get another "not-Canadian" chocolate popsicle with chocolate filling and then its all better. your still a little peeved that this pseudo-chocolate popsicle still exists, but your too busy enjoying the real chocolate Popsicle in your hand to care.

thats canada.

Mountain Dew could release new versions of their drink to appeal to different people without actually changing their flavor. For example: They could have "What would Jesus Dew" for Christian drinkers, and "Scooby Dew" for the kids. amirite?

Dew it for allah?

it would be cool to for people to comment with just one word to form a story on the comments, amirite?
If you yawned in a mirror you would see yourself yawning causing you to yawn again. Essentially you'd just yawn forever, amirite?

only if like your mirror-self yawned a second or so after you did....but thats still funny

today is like a national holiday to gamers all over the world, amirite?

lol black ops is awful. people will love just about anything that has call of duty in the name.

Jigglypuff is the most useless character in Super Smash Bros, amirite?

if you can use the down+B move like a pro then its better than yoshi's eggs at pissing people off. plus the crown makes me feel pretty =3

It's annoying when people won't shut up during movies, amirite?
My dad is black. My mom is white. That makes me grey, am I right?