I've only been seeing my girlfriend for about 2 weeks now, but she makes me feel like no other. I probably shouldn't say, "I love you," yet even though i feel it, amirite?

haha even i voted up your comment

I've only been seeing my girlfriend for about 2 weeks now, but she makes me feel like no other. I probably shouldn't say, "I love you," yet even though i feel it, amirite?

When my parents were in 9th grade they met each other.
My mom had a boyfriend she really didnt like, but then she met my dad and i guess it changed everything.
1 month later she broke up with her boyfriend and i think it was either 2 or 3 weeks later they started dating. my mom told me that they told eachother they loved eachother around 3 weeks into the relationship. they've been married now for 22 years. (: they gmh

It's sad that some people now-a-days care more about abortion than they do about rape and murder. The life of an unborn fetus shouldn't be more important to them than the life of a human. Amirite?

A fetus's heart starts beating 18 days after contraception. Just because it's not out of the mothers womb doesn't mean it's not a human...
Abortion is just a legal form of murder.

Since you probably know the Mario Kart tracks by heart, it would be both fun and a challenge if you could change the track to be opposite, amirite?

In the gamecube one, you have to win everything then get the mirror mode unlocked. still trying to beat it. :P

It's really weird to think that if two identical twin brothers each married identical twin sisters, their offspring would be as genetically similar as siblings, not cousins, amirite?

What if they both had identical twins?

You don't like when you're walking behind an adult in a public place and to the others around you, it looks look like they are your parent, amirite?

How dare a teenager be seen IN PUBLIC with their parent?!
That is against the cool teenager code.

It's truely scary when a body comes up on your kinect sensor that really isn't there, amirite?


It sucks when you're starving and have really been looking forward to dinner practically the whole day only to come home and find it's something you don't like..It's a disappointment that lasts throughout the whole meal.. amirite?
It's worse to show up to work early than late, because you have to wait and listen/see to how busy you are, and it just reminds you how much you want to go home; amirite?

late = fired.

You think it sucks for my friend that her school's grading system goes A B C F, no D, it's either an acceptable grade a complete fail amirite?

My school doesn't have F's. It stops at E because an F 'makes the student feel like a failure'
Well yeah, you sort of are if you got an F.

It would be awesome (but also a huge waste) if, in a grocery store, there was samples of every single type of food that was sold. That way, while you are shopping and you see new types/flavors, you can try them all out before buying, instead of just picking something and hoping you like it. amirite?

homeless people paradise

you've laughed out loud watching people try to sell an absolutely useless product on TV, amirite?

Hot Booties.

like buttons on facebook are for people who are too lazy to comment. amirite?

So if you put up a status that 33 people like, you'd rather have 33 comments saying, 'I like this.'?

Nothing ruins you day like a big angry zit, amirite?

Especially if it's one of those ones that are deep and hurt!