About me.

am Adam.
am 15.
am developing a comedy/thriller web series with my friends that will be on YouTube a long time from now. He is currently saving up to buy a Canon T2i, Rode Videomic Pro, and other stuff to help make good videos.
play guitar.
aspire to be a film director, film school teacher and/or full-time YouTuber.
love to cook.
am somewhat of an adventurous eater, but I'm allergic to seafood and don't like hot food to be crunchy unless it's Mexican.
am obsessed with travel! I wanna to go to China, France, Italy, Thailand, Brazil, Morocco, Croatia, and everywhere!
(My) favorite animal is a tie between a sea turtle and a koala.
enjoy watching commercials.
love Harry Potter.
am a runner.
listen to indie rock and some pop.
am not really a die-hard fan of any bands.
enjoy pretty much anything.
(My) conscience sounds like Daniel Radcliffe.
(When I) type in CAPS, I imagine it being said by Patrick Star.
enjoy going to the beach.
primarily watch the Travel Channel, Comedy Central, and NBC.
(My) favorite show is Community on NBC.
(My) favorite food is peanut butter.
am straight edge (no drinking, smoking, doing drugs, or casual sex EVER)
like going to the beach.
have an identical twin brother.
*****have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Chevy.

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The Story Behind "I_did_it_in_a_tree":
I was climbing one of the tallest trees in the neighborhood and at about 20 feet high (which may be an overstatement), the branch both my feet were on snapped. So I was dangling with both hands on one branch that didn't seem too sturdy. I'd have to pull up with all my energy to get to the only other one I could possibly reach, so I did that. As I slowly pulled up, the branch I was dangling on began to break. Then my only hope was to give a big burst of energy to throw myself up. I did that and the branch snapped and I couldn't reach, so I kicked off the tree and jumped into the one next to me; below me. And I made it. So I climbed down safely with some scarring on my leg and a wolverine scar (3 lines) where my funny bone is. Then I climbed back up and had sexual intercourse. And that is what "did it" means.