it would be funny if someone moved to your school during homecoming week, amirite?

Especially if they move to Texas from the north.

You remember that weird story from your childhood with the teeny tiny lady, with the teeny tiny house, and the teeny tiny bone, amirite?

I definitely remember that story... And yet I don't.

When your mom doesn't let you drink out of the carton, you wait until there is only a little bit left and just chug it when she isn't looking. Amirite?

I've never drank anything from the carton...

Onions serve no real purpose other than to smell bad, amirite?

Onions taste so good.

There are two kinds of people in the world: the "haha"'s, and the "lol"'s, amirite?

What if you're both...?

You've never heard a British rapper, amirite?

Nope, but I have heard 2 French rappers.

It would be disturbing to see someone get hanged on chat roulette, amirite?

That would be traumatizing.

It's scary to think that at any point in your life, you could wake up and be six again, and what you thought was your life was just a dream. amirite?

Great, now you have me freaked out that I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning in my old house as a little kid.

yes, Australians do ride kangaroos to school and work. amirite?

Just like Texans ride horses to school.

It's a lot easier to bullshit a paper with certain teachers at your school than it is with others, amirite?

My GT teacher lets us argue our opinions on study logs/essays/etc. you can pretty much write anything and figure out how to relate it to whatever book we're doing and she'll love it. It's pretty much impossible to get less than a 98 or so.

You remember the kid with the hearing aid from Barney, amirite?

I don't remember him, but I do feel like I have a memory of watching an episode with a kid wearing a hearing aid... I also remember for sure being on Barney :D

Sometimes "good" breakups are the worst because you can't even be angry at the other person. Instead, you focus on your own shortcomings. amirite?

We agreed to break up, so I can't hate him, even though he was the one that actually did the breaking up...

You absolutely hate wearing polo shirts, amirite?

Except my band polo. I love that thing. My friends think I'm weird because I like wearing it...

Why would you be stressed after finals...?

You still get all excited when someone asks you to spend the night or go do something even though you're not a little kid anymore, amirite?

My friend and I got extremely excited earlier when we were planning our sleepover.