Mirrors don't actually break. They just multiply, amirite?
The word ‘alphabet' is the Greek version of ‘the ABCs', amirite?
All of your favorite youtubers and celebrities will most likely die in your lifetime. amirite?

Pshh! Jokes on you, I'm older than most of them! ... wait...

In Harry Potter, images and paintings can be spoken to and they can speak back. Thank goodness Harry doesn't have a body pillow, amirite?

It I had a body pillow it would become solid after about 3 days

A thunderstorm is when the sky is water damaged and is electrically short circuiting. amirite?
@UncleStuv Circuits tend to have electricity flowing through them, do they not?

Yes. But saying that thunder (caused by lightning) is from water damage is a poor comparison. Since its not "damage", its the natural order.

Jeff Bezos is worth more Lamborghinis than there are Lamborghinis. amirite?

What?!? My mind is blown 🤯

In 20 to 30 years there will be nursing homes filled with old guys listening to heavy metal, amirite?

Worse, Coldplay and Vampire Weekend.

Since PI is infinite there is a possibility for there to be a 6 and a 9 sixty-nine times in a row. amirite?

If Pi is infinite then technically it will repeat infinitely.

Everything we touch in public is probably going to be made out of copper and brass in the next few years because it self-disinfects. The near future is going to look kind of steampunk. amirite?

You know, I was wondering about this. What other kinds of surfaces are self-disinfecting?

Nobody says 3/4 of a million dollars, amirite?
@bibbitybobbitybacon Why not

Probably because saying that there is a quarter or a half of something is quicker and more satisfying. Plus, nobody cares about three fourths as much.

Attractive people telling unattractive people that looks don't matter is the same as rich people telling poor people that money doesn't matter, amirite?

Honestly, when you're unattractive AND poor and your rich, attractive friend tells you neither of those matter is such a verbal slap in the face. Of course it doesn't matter FOR YOU!!!

Gravity or weather is what makes things that go bump in the night, amirite?

Or your parents having sex

28-88 seems significant, but 55-115 just isn't comparable, even though they change by the same value, amirite?
If only there were a way to disinfect the human body. If only there were a way to get disinfectant into the human body. If only there were a way to get disinfectant, which is alcohol, into the human body. If only there were a way to get alcohol into the human body. amirite?

So what your saying is to get drunk?