About me.

Well the name's Ryan...
I'm 18
I LOVE music, mostly indie rock/pop but I'm totally a sucker for the occasional mainstream band. Why stop liking them just because they're popular?
When it comes to reading, I pretend to be sophisticated. I really prefer to immerse myself in a book, not waste my time interpreting it.
I hate coffee, it makes me gag
I have recently left my religious beliefs but I am not one to seek out argument, I only debate when a debate is presented to me in a friendly way.
I love to love, isn't that what life's all about?
I enjoy Harry Potter, just not the battle against Twilight fans that apparently comes along with it
I strongly support gay rights, why waste our time hating?
I hate making long lists of things about me
I like to believe that I'm easy to get along with, so feel free to message me.
Oh, and follow my twitter! https://twitter.com/#!/wrbrooks93