With all those kids putting on the Sorting Hat, you'd think there would be an outbreak of lice every year, amirite?

Nice hollister shirt, do you take it off after a long day of being a prick?

Everybody is doing it,guys are doing it with girls, girls are doing it with other girls, some get together in groups and do it, some do it with complete strangers, some people like to do it hardcore, some people like to watch others do it, over 20 million people are doing it, its safe to say everyone is doing it...playing modern warfare. amirite?

I do it with my brother.

Girls should stop complaining. If they don't like periods, then they should just constantly be pregnant; problem solved. amirite?
You always feel your ugliest after you step out of the shower, amirite?

Are you kidding? I'm so sexy when I get out of the shower, the whole room gets steamy because of my hotness

You have thought at one point in your life that your life is a TV show that everyone is watching from hidden cameras and all of your friends and family are actors, amirite?

I didn't before. I will now. Thanks.

the only way to get rid of racism is to STOP talking about it. amirite?

You just talked about it...

You use a form of "hahaha" more than "lol", amirite?
Insulting fat people about their weight inspires them to lose weight, or commit suicide. Either way food gets saved and this excess food can be used to feed starving children in Africa. So insult fat kids; do it for the African children, amirite?
The ice caps are melting, millions of people live in starvation and poverty, and natural disasters are claiming the lives and possessions of thousands daily, yet today's youth demonstrate an unnerving concern for their jeans and just cannot seem to decide which seat they should take, amirite?

Well, the thing is if you sit in the front it feels like you have a little more control and a higher sense of duty in the car. But then again you also need to take safety into consideration. They say it's safer to sit in the back, not just physically but also legally. If a cop stops your car they usually inspect the front seat passengers while the people in the rear come off as mere bystanders. And another thing is you don't want the sun in your eyes. You can solve this annoying problem by sitting in the back, unless it's a convertible; then you're just screwed. But of course if you're Rebecca Black then determining which seat to take is the least of your problems.

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It's unfair that girls have to wear something on their chests at the beach when us guys don't have to. They should stop wearing bikini tops as a sign of protest, amirite, amirite?
You feel amazing when you realize your boobs have grown, even the smallest amount. amirite?

You forgot to write "Guys:" before your post :D

You feel special when one of your favorite songs is only 69 cents on iTunes...as in you are one of the few number of people who like it. amirite?