The reason we can't describe how water tastes is because it is, in its self, already a taste. For example; watered down, amirite?
@skr714 The OP is kind of right though...I mean if someone were to blindfold you and give you water, you would know it was...

I have to disagree.

If someone blindfolded you and gave you water, you would know it was water because you taste.. well, water.
Water does have a flavor, you just, as I said, have nothing to compare it to.

People continually say that water has no flavor, when it does.
As I said, the only reason people can't describe how water tastes is because it doesn't taste like anything else.... and because most people can't describe a flavor without comparing it to another flavor.

Thus, you are wrong.
OP is wrong, in one way.
OP is right, due to the fact that water is already a flavor.

When ur in a supermarket and u relaise u dont need a product which is in ur cart/basket u never place it back in its place theyll do it 4 u amirite ? amirite?

I just put it on the nearest shelf.

they pay people to organize the store.
Thus, if I hadn't done what I did, someone would be out of a job.
So I think of it as keeping someone's paychecks rolling in.

you really hate it, when youre listening to a sad smilie song that fits the moment. am I right?
@jesse_james come on, what would you do?

Prior to hearing that, I'd not be nearly as clever as that.

Poured the cereal but there's no milk? Vodka cereal! amirite?

Definitely gonna have to try like.. kahlua or baileys cereal

You make your voice higher when talking to a baby or a pet, amirite?

I talk to my dog like he's a human friend.

Breaking out is annoying. amirite?

This is true, however breaking out...... in spontaneous dance is awesome!

Just because you're sure doesn't mean you're right, amirite?

haha dope as fuck.

reply to a post..... in the form of another post.

Canada won the men's hockey gold, but the U.S. had the most overall medals, amirite?

Silly Americans, always trying to make themselves look good after a huge loss.

Hockey belongs to canadians, GTFO

Stores should give you a discount for every item from that store that you're wearing that day, amirite?

if they did that, people would just buy from thrift stores, and then wear that brand to the actual store to get a discount.

They could also carry around like 50 shirts, and do all of their shopping, while getting discounts

Travis Clark from We The Kings, Shaun White, a snow boarder that's in the olympics and Jonny Craig from Emarosa are the sexiest Gingers around. ;D, amirite?

I'd go gay for Jonny Craig.
Just sayin'

People really need to stop with the jokes. Twilight, Justin Beiber, Tiger Woods, etc. EVERY joke you can say is old, and has been overused. Give it up already. amirite?
@No. YOU'RE the joke. Geez, reading comprehensionfail.

I'm the joke, which means, theoretically, I'm funny. Unless I was an unfunny joke, in which case, neither of us are funny.

Clearly you fail.

Now shut the fuck up and stop commenting this.

Chairs are almost 100% more entertaining if they spin AND roll, amirite?

Theoretically, any chair rolls.

But I get what you mean.

Sometimes you wish you were black so you wouldn't have a dad, amirite?

Yes it's racist, but god dammit, it's hilarious!

When your phone charger, laptop charger, and television remote all break the same day, you're technologically fucked, amirite?

no, if your remote breaks, that just means that you have to manually change the channel

Those failbook group names like "Dont you just hate it when you step outside and get eaten by a Giraffe." are absolutely useless, amirite?
@mexicanpeanut useless, yes. but i laugh every time i read them and usually become a fan of them

What the fuck is the point though?
they're not even funny.

they're usually made by a bunch of kids who are like "oh hey, being random is always funny, so I'm going to try to be the most random"

whereas being random is not always funny.