Thunderstorms make you feel safe and cozy when you're inside, amirite?

Actually my house makes me feel safe and cozy when there's a thunderstorm, but alright.

Also, I prefer to be outside during any kind of storm.

If you want to survive out here, you've got to know where your towel is. amirite?

So long as it's not out getting high, you're alright.

I wonder how many of the kids who make posts about Obama actually know anything about politics. amirite?
@We will see who knows what when Obama screws your childrens or your grandchildrens futures up. Watch and see what...

a) how the fuck is he going to screw anyones kids futures up?
b) I live in Canada, his shit won't really affect my kids.

Three can keep a secret if two are dead, amirite?
It sucks when people get mad at you for being opinionated, and outspoken, amirite?

haha yeah, I didn't mean to put that in there.
My bad.

Vuvuzelas are annoying, but you secretly want one, amirite?

I don't find them annoying.
and I do want one, it's no secret

There is no point in putting braille letters on a drive thru atm machine, amirite?

Oh how overused that statement is.

Out of all my pencil crayons, the white one stands the tallest, amirite?
@Vinvu fuck the game, The whites don't need jobs, they stand tall and superior amongst the other colors

Don't worry, insecure young woman
You won't get your ass handed to you someday for being racist.

Back when I was a kid we had 'Drake and Josh' not 'Big Time Rush', amirite?

back when you were a kid, was apparently like 2 years ago

It isn't chilly in Chile, amirite?

Especially not when you're eating chili.

It makes no sense for men to hate women because without them, they wouldn't exist, amirite?

Conversely, without men, women wouldn't exist.

People on are mean, amirite?
Phobia names, such as aibohphobia and ippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, are ironic and evil, amirite?

Copy and past fail!

it's hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

"The secret to creativity, is knowing how to hide your sources.", amirite?
@Grilled_Cheesus Search before you post.

haha I was gonna say, this is EXACTLY like a post I saw a few days ago

America is going deeper and deeper into debt. amirite?
@Its not just Bush. Obama is continuing to do what Bush was doing.

Obama is actually trying to help get America out of debt, people just haven't given him a chance, they expect him to do everything the second he gets into office.