Beautiful or Pretty sound better than "Hot" or "Sexy". amirite?

In some instances yes.
Others, no.

Thunderstorms make you feel safe and cozy when you're inside, amirite?
@silveralpaca123 I don't know about that, I love thunderstorms, but not always my house. Therefore, thunderstorms must give me that...

so what the fuck?

thunderstorms make you feel safe.. when you're inside....?
how the fuck does that make sense.

and I like storms, thus meaning I prefer to be outside in the event of one.

BP should call Tiger Woods on the whole oil spill matter, given his expertise in filling golf holes, amirite?

Golf holes?

Tiger woods has filled alot more than just golf holes.

Stairs beat escalators anyway, amirite?
Mike Tyson could knock out a fully grown horse with one punch, amirite?

Mike Tyson probably could knock out a fully grown horse with one punch.
But he'd probably just take the easier route of biting it's ear off.

Phobia names, such as aibohphobia and ippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, are ironic and evil, amirite?
You have to laugh at these kids who drink "coffee" in an attempt to look mature, amirite?
Just because you're sure doesn't mean you're right, amirite?
People really need to stop with the jokes. Twilight, Justin Beiber, Tiger Woods, etc. EVERY joke you can say is old, and has been overused. Give it up already. amirite?
@Chromana You said "If only you were even remotely funny." which implies that I am the joke. However, I am not. You are...

On the contrary, I was saying you're not funny, meaning that your jokes are unfunny, not that you were the joke.

Way to troll, big guy.

Guys, you hate it when your stream of urine splits in two, and the two streams are so far apart that only one will go in the toilet, and if you try to make both of them go in the toilet, they both go out of the toilet bowl, so you end up having to clean the urine on the floor with the toilet paper, but someone didn't replace the roll of tp, so you have to get some from another bathroom, amirite?

what the fuck!?
I can't say I've ever had my piss split into 2 streams, let alone so much so that one of them doesn't even hit the toilet......

After you post something, you keep pressing "Refresh" on the "Just in" page to constantly see how many votes you got, amirite?

Yay auto refresh?

Life's too short, don't waste it on the wrong people. amirite?

I hate when people say 'life is short'

Life is the longest activity you will ever partake in.

This whole "I'm a 90's kid" craze is kind of stupid. So you were born in the 90's, that doesn't make you any better than kids who were born in the 80's or something, amirite?
@LittleMissAwesome I think if you grew up in the 90's you are a 90's kid, not if you were born in them. Ex: If you were born in 1987...

a) Theoretically, being born in the 80's makes you an 80's kid though.

and regardless, just because you grew up in a certain decade, doesn't make you any more cool than the next guy.

and I don't think my generation is the best.
In fact, I absolutely loathe and good portion of my generation.

Screaming your own name during orgasm is the height of conceit, amirite?
A Justin Bieber song covered by Alvin and the Chipmunks would sound the same, amirite?

Don't get me wrong, this is somewhat humorous, but can we fucking stop the Justine Beiber (pun intended) jokes on amirite.