If cheese is moldy milk, then we should be able to make chocolate cheese, amirite?

"We should be able to"?
We are able to.
We just don't

or if guinea is forsrs, then we already have.

" Can we play rape?" "no.." "That's the spirit!", amirite?

not when I searched it.

There should be a leetspeak language on failbook, amirite?
It sucks when you lose faith in all the things you have achieved... amirite?

I can't let you do that, star fox.

When you listen to the radio, you have to keep the volume at an even number, amirite?

are you fucking 90!?

who listens to the radio anymore!?

haha I kid, I kid

Just because black is my favourite colour doesn't mean that I'm emo, amirite?

Nope, it means you're goth.

Haha I'm kidding.

But yeah, not to get too picky, but black isn't a color.
I know everyone says that, but it's not.

There should be a leetspeak language on failbook, amirite?
@biondello Under account settings, under languages. It is there.

haha yeah, I just changed it to that

sorry, I don't use failbook often enough to know about languages

last time I checked, the only "cool" one they had was that fucking pirate language.

when girls take pictures in their bra and panties, they are a slut, but when girls take pictures in a bikini, its completely fine? when a bikini shows just as much, if not more then a bra and panties, amirite?
It's funny how people try to blame music, t.v., etc. when their kid commits a suicide, or murder, or something, amirite?
@It's hardly a humorous situation.

Well, I find it to be rather humorous.
Deal with it

I hate grammar, amirite?


We are not you, thus we don't know if you're right or wrong, when you post facts about your opinions!

If I'm not left, amirite?

No, you're right.

Sometimes you wish you can agree on a post Anonymously, amirite?

you can... it's call signing out.

Oh christ, it goes from using failbook group/fanpage names as posts, to using proverbs as posts!?

" Can we play rape?" "no.." "That's the spirit!", amirite?
@donpatch http://www.amirite.net/342575

Well nothing showed up when I searched.
Don't blame me.

If you don't know what masticate means, you assume the worst, amirite?

I masticate hundreds of times a day.

I also LOL at anyone who looks this word up on google and pretends they already knew what it meant, then tries WAY too hard to be funny.