Where do seashells come from? Why are they here? And what do they want? amirite?

Sea shells are merely the exoskeletons of mollusks.

If cheese is moldy milk, then we should be able to make chocolate cheese, amirite?
i think of things i want to dream about before i go to sleep amirite?

Can we END posts like this?
We're not you, we don't know whether or not you do, in fact, think of things you want to dream about before bed.

Why the fuck do people keep making posts like this!?

Kids who get tatoos that are supposed to have meaning, but have no meaning to that person, suck! If you agree, or if you understood it click 'yeah you are' if you if you didn't understand it, or disagree, click 'no way', amirite?
@Did you really need to tell people that!

a) Did you really need to comment this a fucking month later?
b) You would put a question mark at the end of a question, not a fucking exclamation mark.


Facebook is overrated. MySpace is much better. (: amirite?

Did I reply to your post?

Tango Hotel Echo...........Golf Alpha Mike Echo, amirite?

at least you admitted it.
I gaurantee 238497 people read this, and knew what I was talking about, but didn't admit.

It's really annoying when girls argue that they're equal to men, but then get mad when we try our best against them. If we're equal (which we are) then we shouldn't lighten up for you, amirite?
Sometimes you wish you can agree on a post Anonymously, amirite?
Girls should get to kick guys in their nuts once a month, just so that the pain is shared equally. amirite?
@amiright if you dont have your period you're already making a baby

(amiright):hahahaha fucking win.

and to "Anonymous", you missed the whole point of what I was saying.

Terror and Horror mean the same thing, as do Terrible and Horrible. So why do Horrific and Terrific have different meanings? amirite?

The meanings of terror and horror different from terrible and horrible.

People jump to piss of gravity, amirite?

it'd piss gravity off if they jumped and didn't come back down to the ground right away.

It's ok for girls to be lazy and wear a sweatshirt to school every once in a while, amirite?

It's ok for girls to be lazy and wear sweatshirts to school every day.

She'll just have to put up with shallow people judging her, and calling her lazy, dirty, etc.

Due to the fact that kids these days are immature, and superficial.

you've seen dudes wear boxers under their swim trunks and don't understand why they would, amirite?
@Rebel Only a problem if your bulge isn't very impressive.

or if your bulge is impressive, but you're not the kind of person to show it off every chance you get, because you have self respect.
I'm just sayin'

Thunderstorms make you feel safe and cozy when you're inside, amirite?
Opinions are like orgasms, mine's more important and I don't give a shit if they have one, amirite?

a) gizzard raped you, in the form of text.
b) if you don't care about other peoples opinions, you're WAY too closed-minded for your own good.