The dragons from How to Train Your Dragon look more like Pokemon than dragons, am I right?
@Meeko Yet people can have a fit about sparkling vampires?

You're damn right they can

In theory, Vampires actually do exist

Just because my hair is just shy of shoulder-length doesn't make me gay, amirite?

how the fuck would that make you gay!?

my hair is shoulder length, it just means I like to headbang.
nothing wrong with that.

Jack Sparrow is a P.I.L.F, amirite?

prostitute you'd like to fuck?

Urbandic. definition of 420: Common misconceptions point to crazy theories about weed, but the truth is it is actuly a number between 419 and 421. amirite?

you are right in the fact that that is the definition.

You (or, the definition maker rather) are wrong in that 4:20 is but a misconception of theories.

You are using either a computer or laptop right now, amirite?

Touche, worthy adversary.

If cheese is moldy milk, then we should be able to make chocolate cheese, amirite?
If cheese is moldy milk, then we should be able to make chocolate cheese, amirite?
Girls should get to kick guys in their nuts once a month, just so that the pain is shared equally. amirite?
@(Ginger Snap): =/ Exactly the point, being kicked in the nuts can be prevented. You don't understand what being a...

a) Thankfully 'Ginger Snap' is able to understand what I was saying.

Also, if your friends know you're on the rag, they should be like "ohai, she's on her period, I can understand why she's a whiney bitch for no reason" thus shouldn't really affect your friends.

Imogen Heap > Jason Derulo, amirite?

I thought this was obvious?

When you dont understand a post, it's usually lyrics. amirite?

there's a bomb in my face, decorated in white lace.
like that?

It's awesome that the amirite guy has a mustache for movember, amirite?
@stepdom is that suppose to be movember or is that just a common typo

If you don't know what movember is, go research it.

I'm not being a dick by the way, I'm saying, you should know what it is.

I'm being dragged to the Eclipse midnight premier.. I'll be lucky if I get out alive. amirite?

What you should be saying, is everyone else will be lucky to get out alive.

People who name their pythons 'monty' are ridiculously unoriginal, amirite?
@Lol I used to have a corn snake named kernal lol

(Nico--laaah): haha see, I find that clever, I've not heard a name like that, for a corn snake before.

but I could name like 10 people with pythons named monty

Most posts are right, but people click no way just because they dont like what the post is about. This website is about right or wrong, not what you like. amirite?

Theoretically, it is about personal preference.

If someone is like "cats are better, amirite?"

you can't really say whether cats are in fact better than dogs.

Unintentional rhymes are kind of annoying, amirite?

what's worse is when someone does it and they're like "hey that rhymed"
I'm like, congratulations, realized you just put together a grade 2 word pattern.