If you don't like women drivers, get off the sidewalk, amirite?

Silly OP, there's no sidewalks in the kitchen.

With all of the depressing statues on Facebook, there should be a "hug" button or something, amirite?

Fuck that.
if you're so depressed, go out and see someone, don't sit there complaining on a computer, hoping to get VIRTUAL hugs.

people should grow a pair and learn to deal with their problems, as opposed to sitting on failbook telling everyone how "shitty" their life is.

I mean, if it's something legitimate, like someones family member/pet died, then yes.

It's weird thinking that your grandma has a vagina, amirite?

What's weirder is thinking ABOUT your grandma's vagina.

You have to laugh at these kids who drink "coffee" in an attempt to look mature, amirite?
It's really weird to think that EVERYBODY poops. Obama and Miley Cyrus could be pooping as you read this... amirite?

"we have the popular book, everybody poops, and we have the less popular, nobody poops but you, and we also have..... You're a naughty child and that's concentrated evil coming out the back of you"

You have to laugh at these kids who drink "coffee" in an attempt to look mature, amirite?
@SirCheekyBastard What if i don't care about what others think about me, and i just like the taste?

What if you actually learned to read?

If you drink coffee because you like it, fucking go for it.
but if you're drinking a certain beverage to look mature or some stupid shit like that, then GTFO.

You feel bad that Hayley Williams is mainly known from Airplanes, amirite?

Same with B.o.B
He has some good music, but everyone knows him for that ONE song.

Don't worry, I have itchy red bumps too.
It's probably just puberty.
I mean, I'm 20, but that's no reason it can't still be puberty....

<.< >.>

Typical teen: "I like all music except country." Oh really, so you like classical, opera, polka, jazz, yodeling, death metal, and african tribe music I assume? amirite?

It's funny because I've ranted about this countless times in the past

I LOVE classical music, death metal, indie, rap, etc.
So i can honestly say I like ALL types of music.

I can't say I'd purposely sit down and listen to certain genres, but if I'm in a place and music is playing, I won't sit there and be like "wahh I hate this type of music"

Winter may not be your favorite season, but it's definitely in your top four, amirite?

tuesday isn't my favorite day of the week, but it's definitely in my top 8.

Highschool kids who wear the Dora Explorer/Go, Deigo go backpacks, need to grow up. Quick. Amirite?

90% of the time, they're tryhards that think they're cool because they wear stuff that kids their age don't usually wear.

There should be a Pedobear seal of approval button just for me right in between the "Yeah you are!" and the "No way" buttons, amirite?

Not in between, but somewhere on all of your posts, there should be.

If you Youtube my Myspace, I'll Google your Yahoo. amirite?

I had to vote 'no way' just because of the "you youtube my myspace' thing.

sounds ridiculous

It's ironic how girls don't like the idea of sex, yet studies have shown they have sex for the first time before guys do. Amirite?

Girls want sex just as much, if not more than guys do, girls just hide it better

tits are proof that god is real. amirite?

There are some naaaaasty tits out there.