The best kind of music is the kind that is so clear and raw that you can hear the artist take a breath or lick their lips. It feels real; that's why "pop" music is such bullshit. It's so impersonal and so non-human.

It's difficult to bust a move to ''I Will Always Love You'' no matter how much I like the song

Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile, amirite?

I kind of agree, but what about serial murderers, rapists, etc....

Math Teachers always give you real life examples for the math you are learning but it's like "mike is 5 feet from the tree, the distance from mike to the top of the tree is 46 feet. How tall is the tree?" Who the hell wants to know how tall the trees are! amirite?

45.7 feet

It really bothers you when a book has a really good idea behind it, but it's written terribly, amirite?

I personally liked the concept of Twilight. It's interesting. The writing and plot was terribly executed though. I think it could have been a more DESERVING pop icon if it were written more to the level of LOTR or Harry Potter so we could have better seen the world of Twilight and other characters. But then again, I'm not the target market so whatever, right?

I also agree with the Hunger Games comments above. The first were very addicting but the plot seemed rushed as the books continued. I wouldn't say the writing was ''bad'' but too much content was in the second and third books that she missed out on a lot of ''in-between-scenes.''

On another note, the Bartimaeus Trilogy, Darren Shan Saga and Artemis Fowl Saga all had very good concepts and were written very well. It's such a shame they aren't as well known.

If you believe in god you might as well believe in santa clause. They both supposedly exist and people claim they can do things that are clearly impossible, amirite?
@Just because they're not telling you TO do it doesn't mean that by doing something they tell someone not to is...

Okay, they won't be as credible. But still, it doesn't mean they are wrong. And just stop commenting, we are just going to argue back and forth about something that isn't really part of the topic...

People in Soviet Russia: "In capitalist America, you like pancakes" crowd eruptes into laughter, amirite?
Why would you wanna wear eyeliner? You're intentionally shoving a pointed object directly next to your eyeball, for something barely anyone will notice. amirite?

It's pretty noticeable...

Trendy names are annoying. What happened to the simplicity of names like John and Jim? Now it's like Braydon, Brayden, Bradin, Braydyn, Breydan. amirite?
English Language Arts: No, the characters aren't JUST eating soup, the soup represents the troubles we sometimes face in our life and eating the soup is a metaphor for how sometimes we just need to take in our troubles and let them pass by. The spoon and bowl most likely represent something too. amirite?
"Charlie bit my finger" isn't actually that funny, amirite?

It's cute, just not funny.

Everyone has that one condescending friend who thinks you need their permission, amirite?

It means to look down upon if anyone was wondering

Ad: For under a thousand dollars!! Price: $999. Wow. amirite?

LOL! The way i read this in my head... Hahahahahahaha!

3500 excess calories turn into fat. To breakdown fat, you need to burn about 5000 calories. HOW FAIR IS THAT? amirite?
@mmzznnxx You'd have a point if most of your calories weren't burned by a little thing called metabolism, often without...

1) Not everyone's metabolism (chain of chemical reactions in your body) is as quick as everyone else's. 2) A lot of people consume too much calories without burning them off. 3) Stress, in take of carbohydrates, salts, and liquids does affect how you weigh.

You are more likely to view someone's profile if they have a picture, amirite?

I just viewed your profile.

It can be annoying when guys complain ''I'M SO SHORT, I'M ONLY 5'8/9'' I mean, like not everyone can be 6'3 so shut the fuck up. amirite?
@wobbuffet All the best guys are 5'8-9'', I just want one taller than me.

Too short and too tall is just...weird. Unfortunately I'm only 5'6 1/2 at max. I HOPE I HAVEN'T STOPPED GROWING! Anyways, wow your 6'2.