Mashed potatoes are one of the worst foods to ever exist. amirite?

Did they have any butter or milk added to them?

As a first, executives' salaries should be cut instead of firing people, amirite?

Firstly it is not firing people, it is laying off people. That is a big difference because the company has to pay more for unemployment insurance and people can apply for unemployment insurance to get on their feet. If they fire people, they don't pay more unemployment insurance, but, they are at risk of getting sued by ex-employees who tried to get the unemployment insurance.

As for laying people off. It is just a common practice in private sectors. The truth is, it has nothing to do with them not making money. It was an excuse, not the real reason.

The biggest reason is replacing dead weight without suffering the consequences. They already want to get rid of bunch people because they are under performing. But, if they get rid of them now, the operation is going to suffer, so, they hire a bunch, and keep the fresh meat and layoff the dead weight.

The money comes into play mainly because, they are doing well, so, they can spend money to hire extra people and train people to prepare the planned mass layoff. Companies who are already struggling won't be able to have mass hiring to pull this off.

Lastly if the company is indeed struggling and mass layoff, cutting CEO salaries barely saves a few jobs. The employee's cost is more than just salaries, there a liability insurance, health insurance, and more. A single CEO's health insurance is not gonna cost like 10000 people.

And CEO is not just a figure head, most of them have connections to investors. If they leave, money goes away with them. Networking is still one of the most important skill in a company, sometimes companies begging for retirees to comeback because they know who to talk to and how to talk to them.

People who play instruments deserve more hype, amirite?

Life lesson: difficult doesn't mean valuable. Just look at humanities degrees.

The cheese goes underneath the patty, amirite?

It will get soggy as all hell, or you'll put condiments in it and cause the patty to slip around each bite

Hard pas

I'm already sick of all of the covers of Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, amirite?
@Mrtechnohawk I wouldn't say they're mocking it, and no, the original isn't cringey. You've missed my point. The original is good...

Every copy of it i've seen was people singing terribly and exaggerating(intentionally), maybe we're talking about different videos.

Search engines are useless now, amirite?

Once google started curating results, it was all over. It not an organic search that brings you the most relevant information. It's a list by Google of what they think you should see, which absolutely can't be used for shaping public opinion /s

People who play instruments deserve more hype, amirite?
@Achilles982 Once sound recording became a thing musician's status dropped off a cliff. We're spoiled by music everywhere so we...

You should look into the famous essay, "Art in the age of mechanical reproduction", which essentially argues that famous paintings once had an aura about them that contemporary people are no longer able to experience due to the fact that most in the 1st world have seen endless reproductions of everything from the Mona Lisa, to the Eiffel Tower, and even that famous Japanese wave on every college girls wall.

Penny Arcade is literally the worst webcomic of all time. amirite?

I miss the webcomic era

Spiders are kinda cute, amirite?

Not unpopular

plastic is not our enemy, lazy humans are, amirite?

Plastic isn't even recycled anymore

Chicago is one of the most fun cities to visit in the US. amirite?

Stick around the downtown loop and don't stray too far south, or west, and you will just fine.

We need to spend much more on high achieving students and less on underachieving students. amirite?

We need to challenge all kids and find their skill.

The kids that can solve our world problems have already been born, they just lack the opportunities to do so.

Earbuds of all kinds suck and over-ear headphones are 300 times better, amirite?

I agree. They're more comfortable and they don't fall out of your ear all the time

I don't think that nail polish looks good and is a huge turnoff. amirite?
@bibbitybobbitybacon Clothing changes appearance. Simple as that.

You're not the one whose opinion I asked and that doesn't really answer why they specified pantyhose.

There's a zero chance that there's a person somewhere in the world who hasn't watched a single movie in their entire life. amirite?

The un contacted indigenous Asia, Africa and South America likely have not.