There is technically a point where a pepper can get so hot, that it can be considered a bioweapon. amirite?
The "customer Is always right" rule was probably invented by a customer, amirite?

Or a boss who delegates all customer interaction to employees.

Assless chaps draw the question of assed chaps, amirite?

When you wear chaps over jeans for riding = full chaps.

When you wear nothing but chaps for sexual shenanigans = assless chaps.

If you jump off a building you technically get a discount on life. The harder the fall, the greater the discount. amirite?
We're living through stuff that kids will cheat about on tests in 30 years, amirite?

It's gonna be weird, because as a introverted, white, college student, it hasn't been that bad for me hahaha.

Don't feel sympathy for spiders. They wouldn't feel any for you. amirite?

The mind of simpleton. The situation is far more complex then you realise. The spider serves a purpose for me. Sure if roles were reversed the spider would most likely lack the mental capacity to see the bigger picture but that is no excuse to lower my own standards. The spider is born predator of my true enemy. The spider is incapable of harming me but it's in a perfect position to catch and dispose of mosquitoes. The spider doesn't harm me, their presence doesn't hinder me. But that of mosquitoes does. So by not hurting the spider I benefit whilst if i chose to hit it, I waste time and give up ground to mosquitoes.

If you wear a facemask in the car, no one can tell that you're singing. amirite?

You don't sing with just your face though

No one will ever know what happens if a woman takes a prostate pill unless someone is stupid enough to try it, amirite?

I'm sure thousands of women did as a part of clinical trials.

If a mute women gives handjob it would be a blowjob. amirite?

It's an Italian job!

Blasters in the Star Wars Universe are either extremely difficult to control for accuracy or poorly designed. amirite?
@Larny2019 For the guns that Imperial stormtroopers use, it was canon for a long time that they were made by the lowest bidder...

I would guess the reason is because there would be such an unimaginably large number of stormtroopers needed to maintain control over an entire galaxy

School is good, the school system is bad. amirite?
@jodzdzownica Capitalism baby

This is hilarious because the education system is primarily public, but you'd know that if our education system was better. There isn't competition among public schools which is a cornerstone of capitalism.

If you masturbate then you pleasure yourself. If you pleasure yourself you are pleasuring the same sex. Thus if you masturbate then you are gay. amirite?

Your right I like touching my dick so I must love dicks. I guess I'm gay now... hmmm

Long hair has been a fashionable hair style for most of human history. amirite?

What's the deal with airplane peanuts?

December 31, 2017 is the only day where every adult was born in the 1900s and everyone else under 18 was born in the 2000s, amirite?

Oh, so you're just assuming that there was a person born on January 1st, 2000? Pfft.

A reptile could never claim their love has a warm heart. amirite?