You really feel the shortness of February when rent is due. amirite?
@Nlphbtsms Just so I understand Do you get just get payed for hours worked in the US. Not a monthly salary? If so, is it...

Some people get paid every two weeks, some people get paid once a month. Most people are paid hourly but some get paid a salary amount and make the same no matter the exact hours worked (typically high end or full time jobs are salary)

Every toothbrush you've ever owned is still out there. . . somewhere. amirite?

So too are our baby teeth.

Isolating yourself when you're upset is perfectly acceptable, amirite?

That's exactly what works for me. Whenever I am upset I tend to say things or behave in ways that never meant to. So instead of making things worse I just leave for a bit. It has upset a few people in the past I think it's the right thing for me to do.

Neither men nor women have unequal advantages and disadvantages over each other and people screaming about it on either side have deep insecurity issues. amirite?

This literally describes every teenager and Karens.

Every dollar you spend represents a portion of your life you spent doing something you didn't necessarily want to do. amirite?

Earning money is doing things for others. Spending money is getting others to do things for you. Simples.

You win life if the thing others want you to do is the same as things you want to do... :D 2nd prize if your jobs for others are singificantly more valuable to others than jobs others do for you. Problem is these jobs are generally either specialised, stressful or hard to get (perhaps all three?).

Graveyards are such a waste of space, amirite?

Bury them vertically to save space.

If you got braces as a kid it wasn't cuz you were a nerd. It's cuz your parents cared about your dental health. amirite?
Even when EVs are the norm, people will probably prefer to use gas pedal over accelerator since it has two fewer syllables. amirite?

That's only if you call petrol gas… otherwise it's called an accelerator already.

For a lot of drivers, the only things that can't fit in a compact car through their week to week life are their ego and insecurities. amirite?

My reasoning for owning a pickup is because I wanted one and I'll likely fare better in a crash. I rarely tow and hardly use the bed

We eat pizza from the inside out, amirite?

I take a bite of crust with every bite of inside. Same with sammiches

If we colonise Mars, every country on Earth will become a 1st world country, amirite?

Did you know humanity has a deadline? If we aren't off earth by a certain date, the aliens we have a galactic contract with will exterminate us.

With every birthday you aren't a year older rather your life is a year shorter. amirite?

And maybe that's why some people don't get all excited about birthdays.

People who fail to use turn signals won't even lift a finger to be safe. amirite?
People estimate snow depth the same as dudes estimate their dick length. It's always a little more than reality. amirite?

Nope, sometimes it's more than expected. Which never happens unless your extremely humble.

Parrots are nature's tape recorders. amirite?