Should I accept my ex boyfriend's friend request on facebook?

how would we know anything about your relationship and be in the position to answer this?

It's weird that we say a "pair" of jeans when it's really just one, amirite?

Seriously, can my old posts stop getting homepaged? I FIGURED THIS OUT 10 MONTHS AGO

God probably exists

I hope so though I don't believe it

If you had a chance to study abroad, would you wanna do it?


it's weird how you can often distinguish between whether a person is black or white by the sound of their voice, amirite?

this wasn't meant to be under jokes
also, I might just be missing out on something I should know

Sometimes the most beautiful people can make the most disturbingly ugly faces. Amirite?
Heterochromia (different eye colours) is pretty neat looking, amirite?
When someone has two fathers, what they really lack is a father figure, amirite?

hahahahahhah no.
fuck you

Hogwarts has really gone to the dogs. Luckily next year I'll be transferred to Pigfarts, amirite?
Sometimes, when you talk to someone for awhile and become their friend, you realize you don't know their name but can't ask anymore because you have talked to them too much already and it would be weird, amirite?

"Hey, what's your name again?"
"Duh, I know that, I meant your last name."

The letters on a keyboard is placed really random. Amirite?

Oh god, please don't read this, it's from two years ago - I KNOW MY GRAMMAR NOW, PROMISE!

Whether you find him a douche or not, you have to admit, John Mayer has some incredible talent, amirite?

Gravity is a masterpiece

No matter who it is, even the most manly guys can seem kinda gay when being silly with little kids. amirite?

Do you realize that when guys play with little kids they get a thousand times sexier to women? because they do.

You hate when you're trying to watch a movie and someone is commentating next to you. Amirite?

I want to apologize on behalf of all my fellow movie commentators

It is possible for a guy and girl to just be friends, amirite?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Are you insane? That is impossible, I tell ya, IMPOSSIBLE!