It sucks when you get home from a trip, and the first thing your mom says is "There's dishes to put away" amirite?

It sucks even more because my mom wouldn't be using proper grammar.

Biology is essentially Chemistry, Chemistry is essentially Physics, and Physics is essentially Math. Therefore Biology is Math. amirite?

Physics IS essentially Math, but the rest don't work. D:

You've wondered why disney animal characters are almost always wearing gloves, amirite?

No, it's so no fingerprints get on the murder scene. wary smilie

"I'm half Irish half English half Russian half German half Scandinavian half Scottish half Belgian and half Polish." Just because your great-great-great grandma was one of those doesn't mean you are, just say you're American or Canadian, amirite?

I'm half Australian, half English, half Romanian, half African.
No wait, I'm Indian. :D I lied.

Rude people riding on public transportation should be smited immediately, amirite?

Okay, I'll work on that. Thanks for the feedback. :P

Girls that freak out about being called "dude" need to calm down, it's basically a unisex term. amirite?
@Tell me something honestly, would you like being called "dudette" ?

Actually, yeah. I despise being called "dudette". It's more just the weirdness of the name dudette though.

I don't mind being called dude, though.

The excitement of a wiggly tooth as a kid was great, amirite?

Either the excitement is awesome or it's completely nauseating. (Same thing!) :D

Grocery stores should take a hint from bookstores and have step stools in each row for short people who can't reach the top shelf, amirite?

Someone would end up stealing one, though. Good idea, though.

We should be able to see the amirite girl to whom the amirite guy is giving a rose, amirite?
@Lighten_Up It could also be a guy ;)

Yeah! That's kind of close-minded of me. (My apologies to the homosexual community of amirite. :P)

Or! The amirite "guy" could be a girl, giving a..... There's too many posibilities. :P

you still watch disney channel even though your not a kidd anymore:) amirite?

What? I'm not a kid anymore? Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

French people give me the crepes, amirite?

French people do give me the crepes. They're all mine! Muahaha!

Anthony has a better tan than you, even though he lives in England. amirite?

Thank you.

I almost clicked YYA on this one... Silly me. :P

Even though you'd hate to admit it, Facebook being shut down is ultimately a good thing. amirite?
"Actually mom, I don't need a job, I need the money that comes from a job", amirite?

Actually, Mom , I don't need the money from the job; I need what I'd buy with that money.

Cats always look so comfortable when they're asleep and curled up in a little ball, amirite?
@SnobbyDrugAddict And they look so fluffy in that position - makes me wanna use them as a pillow! Purrr!

Depending on how nice your cat is, your head would probably be mutilated if you did that...