Biology is essentially Chemistry, Chemistry is essentially Physics, and Physics is essentially Math. Therefore Biology is Math. amirite?

Physics IS essentially Math, but the rest don't work. D:

If you were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with Hitler, you'd always win because he's always going to choose paper, amirite?

Unless you're an idiot and choose rock the whole time!

You've wondered why disney animal characters are almost always wearing gloves, amirite?

No, it's so no fingerprints get on the murder scene. wary smilie

The worst part about learning who the tooth fairy is, is that you don't get paid anymore, amirite?

I don't believe in the tooth fairy; I just act like I do so I still get money!

We all feel awkward as we sit in the car at the car wash when the guy is towel drying it. amirite?

Everybody except the kid in the back playing Pokémon.

We have Tigger days, and we have Eeyore days, amirite?

"My favorite size. Piglet size."
–Eeyore on Piglet's balloon for Eeyore's Birthday

"Actually mom, I don't need a job, I need the money that comes from a job", amirite?

Actually, Mom , I don't need the money from the job; I need what I'd buy with that money.

French people give me the crepes, amirite?

French people do give me the crepes. They're all mine! Muahaha!

It sucks when you get home from a trip, and the first thing your mom says is "There's dishes to put away" amirite?

It sucks even more because my mom wouldn't be using proper grammar.

The song "Just a Dream" by Nelly is pathetic. You shouldn't call your wife "Shawty," amirite?
@xolilasianxo Pathetic's a pretty strong word

Ok, never mind. I still hate that song. I still think it's pathetic.

Happy Christmahannukwanzadan, amirite?
@Ellen Dan?

It's Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, and Ramadan. Mixed together.

Even though you'd hate to admit it, Facebook being shut down is ultimately a good thing. amirite?
Girls that freak out about being called "dude" need to calm down, it's basically a unisex term. amirite?
@Tell me something honestly, would you like being called "dudette" ?

Actually, yeah. I despise being called "dudette". It's more just the weirdness of the name dudette though.

I don't mind being called dude, though.

Taio Cruz probably didn't get a girlfriend after releasing "Break Your Heart," amirite?
Girls: You wear makeup, amirite?
@Girls: you have vaginas, amirite?

(Lt. Obvious): For example, I don't wear makeup. Not all girls do.