<strong><a href="http://mywhiteproblems.com" target="_blank" style="color:#0000bb;">MyWhiteProblems.com</a></strong> is cool, amirite?

I can't read anything on the site, it's just all white where the stories should be or whatever. :/ hah

Amirite should have a most "reposted" list. amirite?

hahahaha I know huh!

Whenever you watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, you wanna know what the other holiday towns are like, amirite?
Making fun of vegitarians isn't cool, they're actually trying something and each of them feel good about it. You just sound like an asshole, amirite?

How many vegitarians does it take to change a lightbulb?

None, vegitarians can't change anything

If we can "love" certain comments on this site, there should be an option to "hate" others. amirite?

For comments? I understand you can up vote and down vote, but also you can choose to love them, just saying we should be able to hate also.

Some Amaricans think they are the best country in the world. No country is better than the other. Americans are perfect. amirite?

Would sure hate to be Amarican.

It's funny to think what body builders will look like when they get old, amirite?

My chem teacher is an ex body builder, he's just fat now.

Well aren't you actualy altering the past at that exact moment you decide to go back in time, then from there on when you go back to the present it would result to an alterior environment cause no previous actions could of led you to where you where from the start of going back in time?

It would scare the crap out of you if you had the Grudge ringtone or One Missed Call and it rang in the middle of the night, amirite?

It would be scarier if that wasn't your orignal ringtone...

You can always, always, always tell when a girl is fat, even if she tries to hide it in all her pictures, amirite?

Even if she does hide it, theres always a feeling of somethings not quite right.

You hate when your hand slips while trying to eat a Go-gurt, causing the yogurt to go everywhere. amirite?

I agree?

It would suck to have a nude pic of you bein txted around everywhere. amirite?
It would suck to have a nude pic of you bein txted around everywhere. amirite?
The original stories from the Brothers Grimm are actually a bit shocking, especially when you've only known the Disney versions, like how Pocohontas actually dies in England from syphilis because she was forced to prostitute herself instead having a happily ever after, amirite?
@Ariel was ripped limb from limb by her sisters, I believe.

I was reading up on it and actualy well her tail got ripped in two from the potion and the prince was like going to marry someone else and she ends up disolving haha

You've wondered how the other holiday worlds might have been in The Nightmare Before Christmas. amirite?

I agree.