About me.

I'm Abby and 19 years old. I used to live in a small town in Minnesota where nothing ever happened, but now I go to college, which is basically the best. I like Harry Potter, The Beatles, Twix, flip flops, sunglasses, words that can be spelled two different ways (traveling/travelling), and making lists. I dislike humidity, armpits, butterflies, milk, stubby thumbs, soup, spoons, and (of course) socks.

I used to hate my collar bones because they stuck out too much, but now that I'm older they kind of went back in and I miss them very much. But that's the way stuff works, right?

My favorite color is grey. I once heard someone joke that their favorite color was grey and then laugh about how hysterical the idea was. I was as pissed and humiliated as if they had mocked a family member. I'm a big fan of the number 21, not because of drinking, just because it's a kick ass number. I love elephants more than any other animals, but only slightly more than dogs. There are a few things in my life that I either wish had gone a different way or hadn't happened at all, but I have no regrets and never will.

I read Twilight. It wasn't incredible, but I liked it. It would make a good guilty pleasure read if I ever decided to go for it again. And no, I'm not crazy or stupid. (Or am I?) The thing that bothers me the most about it are the insane, delusioned fans. But it takes all kinds to make up 7 billion.

I have far too many clothes and never anything to wear. If you have a vagina, you have most likely had this same problem.

When I am not on this site, you do not know whether I am dead or alive. Therefore, I am simulatneously both dead and alive. If you agree or understand, we should make babies. (Update: I added this on here before Schrodinger's Cat references were all the rage, but scientific knowledge is still sexy as hell.)

I did really good on my ACT. If you took it, I probably did better than you. I also tutor underprivileged children in math, because I'm a good person. Stick that in your Capri Sun and suck it.

I can be a girly girl or tomboy on any given day and equally love shopping, gossiping, giggling with my friends about boys, swooning, reading girly books, and watching football (Vikings fan forever, no matter what happens), fourwheeling, jumping off bridges, camping, fishing, reading Harry Potter, and throwing down. I can heckle with the best of them and embarrassment is my least favorite emotion. (Fun fact: I was watching Clarissa Explains It All last night [can I get a fuck yes for 90s Nick?] which I always used to watch as a child and she said "and embarrassment is my least favorite emotion." I always assumed I made this up, just like everything else in here! Now I'm wondering if it's been sitting around in my subconscious for over a decade, just waiting to be put to use AND if it's the only thing like this, or if my whole life is an unknown reference to television shows from the 90s.)

I have randomly strong legs and I used to be able to squat 300 pounds, which I think is pretty impressive when you consider that I'm not quite 5'4". I probably could've done more, but my trainer was worried I'd hurt my back or knees so he wouldn't let me try.

Dans l'ete, mes amies et moi aiment parler et chanter en francais chaque jour. Je sais que je ne suis pas tres bonne a francais, mais j'adore la langue. Beaucoup de personnes sont faches parce-que nous parlons francais tout le temps, mais peut-etre nous les detestons et ils ne savent pas! (After being out of French for a year, I barely know what this says.)

I used to think that dinosaurs were like aliens and you chose to either believe in them or not. I chose not to. And I hate how people consider it cool to like dinosaurs. Because it isn't. You know what's cool? Platypodes. And yes, that is the proper pluralization of platypus. Look it up. I also like flamingos.

I love when people say "cool story, bro." I crack up every single time. "Yo" works the same way. Oh, and that beautiful canine up above is my yellow lab Ringo. You should probably be jealous of how cool he is.

My background amirite? color was orange when we had choices.

I used to work in a department store and I can say with near-absolute certainty that the person checking you out hates you and will talk about you after you leave. It's just what we do. We hate our jobs. However, we're from the Midwest and thus work very hard while we're at them.

If I voted 'No Way' on your post, it doesn't necessarily mean that I thought you were wrong. It might mean that I thought your post was stupid. Either way, please don't confront me. It's sad. And I have a virtual black belt in arguing. I'm not always right, but I won't stop bitching before you do. (Okay, I'm pretty much always right.)

My town has a couple of pretty kick ass world records, but I can't list them here because a quick trip to Google will tell you my exact location and I have an irrational fear of internet creepers. I will, however, tell you a fun fact about my state. We're the 38th fattest state. Or, if you want to look at it optimistically, we're the 14th fittest. Right now you're probably thinking, "Hey, Abby, that doesn't make an even 50!" You're right. Apparently District of Columbia is now a state. Don't worry; no one told me, either.

I'm an atheist. I was baptized Catholic, but then grew up going to a little Lutheran church and was confirmed there, but I guess it just didn't stick. Nearly all of my friends are religious, though, and I don't think more or less of anybody once I know their religious beliefs, or lack thereof.

I used to be big into amirite, but now I check the site rarely to never, although I sometimes think about it and decide to come back. But it hasn't happened yet.

I'll be greatly surprised if anyone actually reads all the way through this, but if you did, you're totes awesome.

I'm bored often. Messages make me happy y smilie They make me happier if they're weird wary smilie