About me.

Why hello.

Sixteen year old female, just chinchillin' till I one day lose my POTD virginity.

I'm cool because I play the guitar & read comics (Marvel over DC anyday, mothafuqqas). I have green eyes & brown hair (don't care). I also have a cat, we spend most Friday nights staring eachother down.

Here are some completely arbitrary facts about me:

Favorite book: Harry Potter, then The Hunger Games, then Sherlock Holmes.
Favorite movie: Tropic Thunder
Favorite songs:
1) Uprising - Muse
2) Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars
3) Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles
Favorite bands: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Muse, Green Day, The Who, The Black Keys, The Pretty Reckless, The Civil Wars
Favorite color: Green
Favorite actor: Robert Downey Jr
Favorite actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Favorite music genre: Rock 'n Roll
Favorite tv show: Sherlock, Downton Abbey. BBC is the shiz.
Favorite city: New York, New York
Life Motto: "Fuck bitches, get money."