Religions attempts to rationalize the unexplainable. All these insane rationalizations are eventually disproved. Before weather science, religions claimed the cause of natural disasters was the sole result of the will of God. Before evolution was adopted as a factual process by rational humans, theists believed God created each individual separately. One day, the creation of the universe will have an irrefutable scientific explanation. The only question is what religions will grasp at then.
@YeahIAm Read the post again... the post really isn't related to this. I'm simply stating that every claim religion makes is...

Every claim religion (and the post is talking about Abrahamic religions) makes is eventually EXPLAINED by science. Not disproved. Just because we understand evolution better now does not mean that it proves an omnipotent being had no part in it.

Just because we have an idea of the big bang doesn't mean there isn't a God who intended that to happen.

Please separate theocracy with theism in your mind, because it's unfair to use the stupid moves of people in charge (using weather as a moral punishment) as evidence that there is no God.

Click "Yeah You Are!" to vote for Obama, and "No Way!" to vote for Rommey. Let's see who wins this! amirite?

I'm voting for Regina George because she got hit by a bus.

Women wanted to be completely equal, except for the part where they would die for our country(the draft). I'm not trying to go against women in the armed forces, I respect that, but if they really wanted to be "equal" they should be part of the draft, amirite?
It's a sign you need to lose weight when you can have a threesome by yourself, Amirite?

I wasn't aware that overweight people are able to grow multiple genitals

Girls: There is nothing better than getting a new bra. amirite?
Prison is way to luxurious. They don't need air conditioning, heat and decent meals. Hello! They are convicts, they don't deserve the good things in life. Even the millitary doesn't have it that good. Thats just messed up.amirite?

When you put a prisoner in a dark hole, left to freeze in stone walls, or overheated in an oven-like cell, feeding them just bread and water for years on end, mistreated and abused, let's all see if they can just snap out of it and go back to being a normal person when they're released. Let's just see if they can become a functional person who knows right from wrong.

I'm saying this not for the morality of prisoners, that's different, but for the simple fact that if you torture them, we're all getting screwed.

If a stranger starts talking to you in an elevator, just say: "I don't want to talk in case we get stuck and I have to eat you" that'll shut 'em up. amirite?

In Soviet Russia, Dorito eat you!

When a little kid waves at you, you don't wave back because they need to learn that life is full if disappointments and sadness, amirite?
@ARandomPerson D:

LIFE IS FULL OF DISAPPOINTMENT AND SADNESS DIDNT YOU KNOW?! Someone should've prepared you for this...

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When a little kid waves at you, you don't wave back because they need to learn that life is full if disappointments and sadness, amirite?
Guys: When you jack off into a fruit, you microwave it first, amirite?
A big problem with capitalism is that some people can get very, very rich without working hard and actually returning anything to society (for example, investing), Amirite?
@Watchful_questioneer Investing in companies, or just being the CEO and not really doing anything, while still raking in millions

What makes you think CEOs don't do anything? I feel like you have a very obscured and biased view of how a corporation works. CEOs aren't just a bunch of fat guys sitting in leather chairs smoking cigars while they try to figure out ways to make poor people suffer.

Did you know CEOs have one of the highest chances of being fired in a company? It doesn't take a very bad decision for the Board of Directors to decide to throw out the CEO and find a new one.

You do not rake in millions by "not really doing anything".

D'aww let's assume this is about amirite and have a nice group hug. goo smilie

If your a girl and you wanna have sex with a guy, all you have to do is have boobs and look at him, amirite?

That is exactly how I had sex with Brad Pitt, Daniel Radcliffe, and David Beckham. I just stick out my boobs and look at people then BAM! they just rip their pants for me. It's that easy.