People younger than 18: When a movie is rated R, you consider yourself mature enough to watch it, amirite?

HAH not if it's a scary movie.

It's not a snowball if it's just a dusting, amirite?
The petty arguments that you make today won't be important tomorrow, amirite?

I dunno my friends like to hold things against me

Showing off is uncool, amirite?

Imagine being in the middle of drawing that and the page refreshed

It doesn't really make sense to ask "Do I know you?" because how would I know who you know, amirite?
It doesn't really make sense to ask "Do I know you?" because how would I know who you know, amirite?


"I'm a Little Teapot" doesn't make sense. At the end, the teapot says "Tip me over and pour me out." Are you the teapot or the water? Stop messing with my head, amirite?
@AxeMan The teapot or the tea*

no you boil the water. you don't boil tea

Even though it feels like holidays like New Years or Christmas are celebrated everywhere, there isn't a single holiday that is universally celebrated by every human, amirite?
Someone should make tofu taste like birthday cake, then we all would be vegetarians and lose weight. Salad should taste like a candy bar. People would be lining up to eat at the salad bar, they would be running over each other to get there.

meh, you'd get disgustingly sick of sweets

What is your favorite time in between seasons?

Omg why do you both have the same mango for a picture?

Everyone has one thing they are good at. You may not know what you are good at yet, but keep on trying and you will find it

I was going to make a joke like "yeah, breathing," but then I remembered that I have asthma

It seems like a serious design flaw that the foods that taste the best are the worst for us, amirite?

actually, humans are naturally accustomed to consume high calorie foods, given that way-back-when there wasn't much food available. now that there is, taking all those calories like all the time isn't healthy, but we still have the same taste buds (meaning we still want all those calories)

Amy and Rory are gone, today is a sad day. Amirite?


If Bethany Hamilton was a ginger, the movie would of been called, "The Soul-Less Surfer.", amirite?

it was a book, too

You love how you look in the mirror, but hate how you look in pictures, amirite?

i don't really like either