About me.

Hi guys!
I'm a sophomore in high school named Emily and I live in just about the greatest state in the U.S.A, Minnesota (don't even ask, I don't say "you betcha" or churn butter) I love making light out of every situation and people tell me that I'm fun to spend time with.
People watching, baseball, people with the same sense of humor as me, naturally hipster people (yeah that's not me), correct grammar, my grandparents, the office, Steve Carrell, Will Farrell, writing, monopoly
When hipsters are like "I'm hipster," the fact that most of the sophomore's in my grade can't even spell sophomore, forced conversations, when people say that everything is awkward, when people don't know the difference between your and you're, hitler
About me:
Favorite movie: anchorman
Favorite season: fall
Age: 16
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: I don't really know, to be honest. Kind of like greeny bluey brownish ugly
Favorite animal: dinosaurs
Favorite animal that isn't extinct: puppies
I do believe in big foot, the loch ness monster and such
Fears: getting big feet, 5 day school weeks, people from cirque du soleil. That's about it.
I think that I'm a pretty chill person, although I do tell people the truth, and what I'm thinking. Maybe this is why I like amirite.
Talk to me! I love making new friends!