Some people vote "No Way" just to be a dick, amirite?

I'm voting no way because this is repost 1000

pb55020 is the new jmayrod, amirite?
When you're with your best friend you do a bunch of crazy stuff you would NEVER do if you were by yourself. amirite?

when you're by yourself, you also do a lot of crazy things you would never do in public

For once we can finally hear the words "Anthony" and "Weiner" on this site without thinking of the POTD process, amirite?
9/11 jokes are just plain wrong, amirite?

you said "plain", like how the "plane" hit the twin towers. Also, how another plane was brought down by victims of the hijacking... into a "plain" in Pennsylvania. You my friend, are an in-the-closet asshole

I feel like I'm the only single child in the world sometimes. Everyone and their brother seems to have siblings, amirite?
There's no place like, amirite?

you just pop-up'd my computer

"Psh, come on man, it isn't like talking to a girl." - Rocket scientists, amirite?

You just beat me and polarthebear. congrats

There's no POTD today. Anthony must've been taken by the rapture, amirite?
Sometimes you just think, Maybe I'm not amirite material? Then you get over the poptart that the evil purple grizzly took from you and go to Narnia. Amirite?

maybe you're not. Check out MLIA

You hate when you think of the perfect amirite post, but it that only relate to you or your community, amirite?

Another barley milestone post

After spending some time on this website, you start to know about its unwritten rules; the general opinion of the people here, the tendency and themes of the posts made, the popular users, you start to build conversations and bonds with some people, you become part of the daily routine here. In short you become part of the big amirite? family, amirite?