The world will be a very violent place once people start becoming immortal since the only way for some generational ideologies to change is through death, amirite?
@Nickyikky That doesn't make sense

I think the person might be saying that "immortal" also means "invincible."

Nobody has ever made a statue to dishonor the person it's depicting. amirite?
@Plastic_Island3688 Giant trump inflatable?

I wouldn't really say that counts as a statue though.

Not all chicken becomes nuggets though...

There was a point in human history when pockets didn't exist, amirite?

There was a point in male human history they didn't exist. They still don't for women. Damn, I love being a dude, I had a book, an iPad, and my phone In my shorts pocket the other day.

Beach balls are more commonly found at sporting events, not the beach, amirite?

You have data to back that up?

If the sith empire taught their army where to specifically shoot escaping ships, the starwars saga would've ended sooner, amirite?
If meat loafs are so popular, why don't we see meat rolls or meat baguettes? Loafs shouldn't be the only shapes that you can artificially form meat. amirite?

If you would only use Google you would see they do.

$50,000 is simultaneously a lot of money and not very much money. amirite?

Student debt put that into perspective for me real quick.

Like our shadows are 2d projections of us we might be 3D projections of 4d beings. amirite?
You're either a really good or a really bad person if multiple people want you to be killed. amirite?

It is hard to argue with his assessment

A mustache is a Mouthbrow, amirite?
Between wood and fossil fuels, most of our society is still plant-powered. amirite?
All your relatives (siblings included) will all soon find a family more important than you and the family dynamic you know will never exist again, amirite?

hwat if they dont marry?

Relativity is in the eye of the beholder. amirite?
The only letter in the alphabet that phonetically starts with the letter ‘W' isn't W, it's Y, amirite?

Ich, als Deutscher: ich habe keine solchen Schwächen.