Narwhals would beat a polar bear in a fight. amirite?
Snowboarders/skiers: if you live in a place with short hills and you travel someplace with a real mountian, it really sucks going back to the slopes where you live cuz you know how awesome mountian skiing is, amirite?

I know it's not exactly the same, but it applies to REALLY big hills and sledding too.

Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon. Amirite?

I feel like this could be a new Rebecca Black song ("What drink should I takeeeeee?")

English words are made sexual by adding "French" to the beginning of them (ex. "kiss" and "French kiss", "letter" and "French letter", "maid" and "French maid"), amirite?
English words are made sexual by adding "French" to the beginning of them (ex. "kiss" and "French kiss", "letter" and "French letter", "maid" and "French maid"), amirite?

French toast.. the sexiest of all toasts

Once you figured out how babies are made, the thing you would do with your barbies the most was make them have sex. amirite?

Or just any toy really :P

Its simply ludicrous that my bottled lemonade is made with artificial flavors but this here wood cleaner is "made with real lemons", amirite?

It's because real lemons are really great at cleaning and such. And people can't really taste the difference between chemicals and sugar, and real lemons.

I asked when I was really young, and my mom told me.

"Can I ask you a question?" is one of the most suspenseful texts you can receive, amirite?
@Erin But then it never ends up being anything to worry about.

Or you're expecting them to ask you something awesome, and then they just dissapoint.

Girls: sometimes you feel like the only thing supporting you is your bra, amirite?

Guys: Soemtimes you feel like the only one protecting you is your condom

Very few of the people know that is also the birthday of great scientist Isaac Newton on 25 December, amirite?

Except for everyone who watches The Big Bang Theory

True friends won’t grow apart even when they don’t talk everyday. amirite?

Yeah, my best friend and I have been so close since kindergarten, even though we have no classes together, and have barely any time for eachother.

The acoustics in restaurant bathrooms are really really good, and then someone walks in on you. amirite?

It makes it so much better when people walk in, cause then they get entertainment and you get an audience.

Back when e-mail was a hip new thing, you were so excited whenever that famous "You've got mail!" sounded. Fast forward to today. Your inbox is filled with 196 unread e-mails, and now, getting an actual concrete letter in the mail is more exciting. amirite?
@Courage_Wolf If you have sex with a Mexican, you lose your soul.

If you have sex with the same Mexican twice, do you get your soul back?

It's hard to choose between eating a pancake or a waffle, amirite?

The choice is obviously waffles.