Friend: I have to go to the bathroom. You: don't need my permission... amirite?

I always declare this beforehand so I can see the looks on peoples faces.

Amirite is a great cure for boredness, amirite?
@SpelingChampien Boredom?

As long as you knew what I meant.

Why does everyone seem to like iCarly? amirite?

Cause she's sexy?

When someone uses slang you don't know you wait to look it up on urban dictionary rather than ask because then you would feel stupid. amirite?

Or I wait for someone else to ask.

I need to stop liking him, just because he's flirty doesn't mean he likes me back gets sweet text from guy awwww!!! amirite?

I hate it when they tell you that they used to like you right after you start to like them..

Staying up until midnight used to be hard but now, it's just a bad habit. amirite?

When you're really little it's really easy to think you can stay up late because your body produces fake energy that makes you feel awake even when you're not (FUN FACTS)

What's so great about Martin Luther King? I mean, a black guy that doesn't like oppression? Real original, amirite?

He was the first person with the courage to stand up and say something...

You're such a liar, I wouldn't buy your story even if it was being sold by Billy Mays. amirite?

Billy Mays only sold stuff he had tested and new worked, so I'd buy anything from him.

Ferris Bueller is your hero too, amirite?
@_Mike_ meh, a little

How do you know my emotions?

It's sad when you know he's your Prince but he can't see that you're his Princess. amirite?

God, you would've thought the tiara would've given it away..

The acoustics in restaurant bathrooms are really really good, and then someone walks in on you. amirite?

It makes it so much better when people walk in, cause then they get entertainment and you get an audience.

Very few of the people know that is also the birthday of great scientist Isaac Newton on 25 December, amirite?

Except for everyone who watches The Big Bang Theory

Sometimes you wonder if your Prince Charming is really out there. amirite?

I don't want a "Prince Charming" because he married so many different ladies.

Sometimes you really wish you could unsee a post someone made on your crush's wall (on facebook) amirite?

Wouldn't it be better to know, though?

There is at least one great show that you have discovered by wanting to see how bad it was. Amirite?

Farmers wife... I'm still not sure why they thought that models or aspiring actors would be a good fit for a farmer though....