The very same logic that was applied to call Marijuana a gateway drug could also be applied to categorizing Milk a gateway drug to Whiskey. Should Milk be outlawed? Sure, marijuana is abused, but people also abuse bridges by jumping off of them ... should bridges be outlawed? amirite?

This might be the worst marijuana argument i've ever heard

There's really no point in incognito/private browsing. Besides for porn. amirite?
You would give me a massage for $5, amirite?

If $5 secretly means '"fun time in the mouth"'

Sometimes you wonder where school's find their subs, I mean im pretty sure they can find a more competent educator than some black guy who responds to students with "I aint gonna take shit", amirite?

for some reason i was thinking of hoagies at first and i was confused.. wow

Guys: you would totally accept a role in a porn if no one could recognise you, amirite?
If someone were to catch you masturbating it would definitely make things awkward between the two of you for a while, amirite?
If you have feelings and have seen the others, Toy Story 3 made you sad, amirite?

good ol' fellings

Sometimes you wonder why your hilarious friend doesn't have his/her own show. amirite?

I know exactly what you mean except people say i should be a comedian..

This website should be called "AmiGeorgeWBush" because that man is always right, amirite?

I find it interesting that my joking post ended up with 40 comments ahaha

Falling in love with someone from the internet is more realistic than love at first sight. Love at first site is physical; on the internet you would fall in love with someone's personality, amirite?
You just re-read this post, amirite?

I No way'd this post, but then like 5 minutes later i ended up reading it again

Some porn, you just look at and say "who the fuck would watch that", amirite?

Bdsm midget porn

We can get 1,000,000 comments by the end of the year, amirite?
We can get 1,000,000 comments by the end of the year, amirite?
We can get 1,000,000 comments by the end of the year, amirite?