A typical job interview is a conversation between two liars, amirite?
Many people are in a race to claim that they're the most oppressed and traumatised person. amirite?
The theory of nothing and everything, amirite?

Nothing can't have qualities such as boredom

Most of the people labeling others as "sheep" worship a shepherd. amirite?
Kevin Bacon could be a better actor, amirite?

Could he? Maybe hes acting at his ultimate level.

Since most people never change their numbers, mobile phone area codes are a permanent snapshot of where everyone lived in the early 2000s, amirite?

Who goes through the trouble of keeping a number? Asking for a friend.

Ass can produce all 3 states of matter, amirite?

So can your nose and mouth.

Ass can produce all 3 states of matter, amirite?
@monsterallergies What about the other two?

It would've been pretty hard but I guess if try hard enough you'll succeed

Ass can produce all 3 states of matter, amirite?
@Sewcrazy4cats There are four states of matter. If your ass is producing plasma, you should probably cut back on the indian food.

That's why I've said all 3. And by the way I've heard that recently someone found something that could be called a fifth state of matter

There's no genetic problem with same-sex relatives marrying. amirite?

Brother starts looking extra thick

Writing a diary is considered sane and respectable but talking to yourself is considered crazy and bizarre. amirite?

Nothing wrong with talking to yourself until you have to ask yourself what you said.

Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana are the most beautiful states, yet only weirdos live there. amirite?

Utah is the king of land beauty + weirdo population

You don't know if anyone is real. You are only taking everyone's word that they have feelings. amirite?

you'll know they're real when they punch your sociopathic face.

Life is a free trial of immortality, amirite?

Lot of other plants and animals need to die for that "free" trial to keep going...

There is one reliable distinction between smart people and stupid people, amirite?
@Jason_Grace13 Getting the vaccine vs people who insist on believing conspiracies

Believing the government has your best interest at heart versus having the right to make your own decisions about your own life.