The enormous pointing hands sold at baseball games are having absolutly nothing to do with the sport, amirite?

it means the team is #1

All those crazy women who are screaming everytime Jacob from Twilight is on the screen should realise he's 16. If roles were reversed and he was a 16 year old girl and 40 year old men were screaming like harpies everytime they came on, there would be serious problems. Amirite?

i just like the example of a harpie

Twilight isnt as bad as everyone says it is. Most of the people that ''hate'' it havent seen the movies or read the books. amirite?

i honestly hated everything to do with twilight because everyone was obsessed with it. in march i got convinced to read the books and they were good. if you read half of the first one that doesnt count for anything the first half is introducing. it honestly isnt bad and i used to hate it with a passion before i knew it.

You want to meet Chuy from "Chelsae Lately". amirite?

True. i'd like to meet both of them but Chuy is just adorable. i'd work for Chelsea if i had the chance