You've been drunk before, amirite?

Yes, because some things in life are too hard to handle sober.

Getting a job is harder than getting a degree,amirite?

I have 3 jobs but no degree (yet) sooo not really. However, it is definitely easier to get a degree than a career!

You hate how you can't press next when you're listening to music on the radio, amirite?

Those first world problems are a real bitch

It doesn't make sense how space never ends. I mean everything has to end sometime right? But even if it does something has to come after it and where does that end, amirite?

Mindfuck to infinity and beyond

You feel terrible when your friend is crushing on someone, but that someone wants YOU instead of your friend, amirite?

Being fine ain't a crime ;)

There's always that moment of panic on a non-school uniform day, "oh God! It's not today! I'm the only onw not in uniform and now I'm going to look like an idiot in front of everyone! argh!", amirite?

I never had uniforms in school... it must be more common now. I'm sorry =(

Drinking over eight cups of tea in one day is fairly impressive, amirite?

If sweet tea doesn't count then yes =)

i like my ladies just like i like my peanut butter: thick and chunky, amirite?

That sounds delicious =)

Lady Gaga is amazing! She has made history on so many levels that its not even funny! amirite?
@but I dont think dressing up in costumes all the time is a good way to do that. Its kind of pretentious. Like shes...

Hey, she could just be really weird and enjoy dressing in wack-ass costumes. I guess we'll never know =P and Adele is awesome.

Girls are like square roots, if they're under 13 just do 'em in your head, amirite?
@sansa If 10% of men are gay, and 20% of men are Chinese, what's the chance a man chosen at random spends his free time...

And if Kim is half as old as Bobby, who is two years older than 12-year-old Tory, for how many more 30-day months will their threesomes be considered statutory rape?

You would never miss a chance to have sex or appear on television, amirite?
Lady Gaga is amazing! She has made history on so many levels that its not even funny! amirite?

Even if people don't agree that she made history, she's still amazing. She advocates the importance of being who you are, no matter how strange!

A heart is just an upside-down ball sack, amirite?

Thinking with your dick and thinking with your heart are the same thing with different words; so yes, I agree. Thinking with your brain is a different story.

You know your parents are old when your dad calls you a "wisenheimer". Like what the fuck does that even mean, amirite?

My dad likes to call my brother "Homer". Pretty funny actually!

It's annoying when someone complains about someone giving spoilers to a film made from a book. There is already the massive 'plot spoiler' out there, and just because you can't be bothered to pick it up doesn't mean we can't talk about it, amirite?

I often read the books before I see the movies (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight) and I still get upset if someone starts talking to me about the movies before I see them XD