It sucks when somebody on YouTube is extremely hot to look at but he/she is really annoying, amirite?


All those poachers and idiots who give us hunters a bad name are extremely annoying, amirite?

No, killing animals for fun gives you a bad name

All those poachers and idiots who give us hunters a bad name are extremely annoying, amirite?

No, killing animals for fun gives you a bad name

You've failed so many Mathematic tests, you've lost count. Amirite?

so true :P

Make-up just enhances your natural beauty, it doesn't cover it up, amirite?

even if u had natural beauty u may not feel beatiful and therefore use makeup to enchance your self esteem
so there!!!!!:p

Having back problems is not right for a 16 year old, amirite?

Or for a 15 year old :P

The worst reply to "Mon père est mort" during a French speaking exam is "Bien", amirite?

I took french from grade 4 to grade 9, and I don't understand what that says!

Internet killed the video star, amirite?
I went to a restaurant the other day and I noticed that my waitress had a black eye. I made sure I spoke loud and clear when ordering my food because she obviously had trouble listening, amirite?

Took me a while to get but once I got it I literally LOL'D!

It's embarrassing when your relatives/parent's friends come up to you and yell out things like "What's this? You have BREASTS now?" or "Oh look! He's got stubble! How cuuuteeee!", amirite?

Story of my life. And then "you got breast now" is always followed by "Do you have your period?!?!?!"

Civics classes should be mandatory again in high school. Kids need to learn what responsibilities come with being a citizen, and especially how important it is to vote. A brief intro to economics should also be offered in this class so that people will actually understand the economic issues at hand, rather than voting for ignorant reasons, amirite?

its mandatory in my school, but its half a semester. Civics is 1/2 credit then careers is 1/2 credit.

In your high school life there is always that moment where you finally hit that "I just can't be bothered with this anymore" wall, amirite?

OMG story of my life!

Typical teen: "I like all music except country." Oh really, so you like classical, opera, polka, jazz, yodeling, death metal, and african tribe music I assume? amirite?

I actually like classical, don't like opera, like polka, jazz, eath metal, and i actually love african tribe music! and yodeling counts as country :P

You've talked a friend out of suicide before, amirite?

this isn't six billion secrets :P

The whole "pot is natural, so it's safe" argument doesn't really work, because there are tons of natural things that can harm your body. I mean, mercury is natural, but you wouldn't sprinkle it on your Cheerios, amirite?

The arguments is not "Pot is natural so it is safe" its "pot is natural, and they shouldn't illegalize nature" Plus its not the drug thats bad for you, its just the smoking it part thats not very good for ur lungs. but if u take it another way, like edibles and pills, its okay. Plus there has bern ZERO deaths directly related to cannabis. The only problem really with pot is that it makes people stupid and lazy.