Guys: you are bothered by arm hair on girls, amirite?
You pronounce public "pube-lick", amirite?

I do now.

Guys: you love it when you put a load in the dishwasher and she swallows, amirite?
@Emperorerror POTD material.

This will never be POTD, especially not on like, the 11th of January.

You don't understand why there are Draco Malfoy fangirls. He's a cowardly, snot-nosed little brat; what's so sexy about that, amirite?

Because they love the Lauren Lopez version l smilie

I failed my Health and Safety class test today. Apparently, when they ask you, "In the event of a fire, what steps would you take?" "Fuckin' large ones" is not the correct answer. amirite?

Says runnerdude. hehe smilie

Most people you eat at McDonalds are fat, new to New York or desperate, amirite?

I only eat people at KFC

When you think about it jerking off and being a mime are a lot alike. Both are just pretending to be in a box. amirite?

So you saying you're proud of your vagina made me think of some girl walzing around naked going, "Look at my vagina!! Isn't it glorious?!"

Love is like an orgasm, if you have to question it then you didn't have it, amirite?

Xerox will help you print like a baby.

When the good guy needs a car fast, he just grabs one off the street. But you never really think about what happens to the person whose car got stolen; for all we know, it could start a chain reaction of action movies, amirite?

ReAction Movies. hehe smilie

Your grades need to be higher. Your weight needs to be lower. Your stomach needs to be flatter. Your wallet needs to be fatter. Your skin needs to be tanner. Your teeth need to be tanner. Your heart needs to be stronger. Your friends need to be uglier. Your face needs to be prettier. Your hair needs to be longer. Your skirt needs to be shorter. Your body needs to be hotter. Your image needs to be cooler. Your waist needs to be smaller. Society really knows how to make you feel like shit, amirite?

I'm fine with my teeth not being tan.

Great drinking game: take a shot every time someone on Secret Life of the American Teenager says "sex", amirite?

But that would require watching that stupid show.

Guys: Never wear sweatpants when you're gonna be around the girl you have a thing for, amirite?

Or you'll have another thing for her.

If there is a teenage girl who isn't showing their bare shoulders and 90% of her legs are actually covered, this generation still has hope, amirite?

Omg showing shoulders is so slutty, COVER UP, WHORE.

Everytime you try to tell your parents a funny thing that your friends did or that happened to you, they turn it into a life lesson, amirite?

I dunno, I never listen, because I'm a rebel.