Parents say to "find what you love" and "go after your dream," but God forbid that be flowershop owner or motorcross rider, amirite?
The best part of What Not to Wear is the hair and makeup, amirite?

When I watch the episodes I've previously recorded, I usually just watch the beginning, fast forward to hair and makeup, and then sometimes to the final reveal. The rest is just shit.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if you held a gun to his wife's head and said "Start chucking"? Not enough, amirite?

When I started reading this, in my head I read, "how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" Then I realized that's not what it said at all.

"leagues" in dating don't exist. amirite?

But capitalization does, so don't pretend like it doesn't!

You wait for the DVD logo to hit the corner, amirite?


Why doesnt the kid on fairly odd parents wish for some better teeth? amirite?

This got the shiny teeth song by chip skylark stuck in my head -.-

You like flowers, amirite?

Very nice flowers c:
The smell of flowers just reminds me of funerals :/

You're season bi-polar, when it's summer and hot you wish it was winter, but when it's winter and freezing you wish it were summer, Amirite?

Winter all the way <3

May isn't a relaxed, winding down month in school anymore because of AP testing, amirite?

I'm SO not looking forward to the AP Environmental Science test. I haven't read a whole chapter all year, they're so long and boring :/

It's annoying when someone puts "sike" instead of "psych." Amirite?

I've seen people put "phsyc." Like, how are people so dumb?

Sega Dreamcast was the best games console ever, amirite?
You wish Taco Bell still used the chihuahua in their commercials, amirite?
You wish Taco Bell still used the chihuahua in their commercials, amirite?
@KickAss You mean the dead chihuahua?

Ew. I guess that makes sense... but still. They could have found a new chihuahua!

Hypocrites and people who make irrelevant drawings should be banned, amirite?

...isn't this rainbow backwards? Like, with the colors?