The only serious side-effect of marijuana is that you might get arrested, amirite?

The only side effect of marijuana is less marijuana.

A person deserves the right to voluntary euthenasia if he/she is of age and: A: is terminally ill. B: is chronically incapable of caring for him/herself for any reason. C: is clinically depressed. If you choose other please explain in comments

If the doctor's are not allowed to assist with the person's death, they should at least not be forced to eat, so if they choose to stop it is their own decision.

If reincarnation is possible, you would come back as a bird - even if you don't get to choose the species.

I want to be a tree when I come back!

What is your opinion on the "instant hijab wig" product? Is it contradictory?

Bald Muslim women should be allowed to wear them.

Taking money and funds away from the school systems that educate our children, and thus our future, should never be considered a solution, amirite?
@pantherfanatic This is so stupid. How could you say it's never an option? More money doesn't mean better results. What if public...

Mind you, I didn't say it should never be an option, but it shouldn't be a solution. I believe there's a difference there.

You hate it when somebody completely ignores a question you ask them, then just carry on with the conversation as if you didn't. Makes you wanna cunt punch somebody, amirite?

*cunt punt

When a teen girl is pregnant and she posts baby bump pictures on Facebook everyone congratulates her, but it's really tempting to say " Sorry for your loss", amirite?

Hahaha I like the stretch marks.

Even today in America, where we have a half black president and 'racial equality' blacks are still put in prison more often and die earlier than whites. Young black men are more likely to end up in prison than to graduate college. And the leading cause of death for black men under thirty is homicide. So please don't say that racial justice has been achieved and racial equality is a dead movement, amirite?

My dad told me this: "every system is set up to get exactly the results it gets." Or something like that. It kind of makes sense though, like if there was a problem they wanted to fix, why don't they change anything? I agree with OP. In my state of Colorado, 3% of the population is black. 100% of the convicts on death row in Colorado are black. Now I don't want to get into arguments about whether black people commit more crimes than white people, but there is obviously a problem there. The system is biased and always has been.

I think that petting my cat has made me better at giving head. It makes sense, though; You become so much more keenly aware of what the object of your attention likes and learn to focus on the little things you can do to make them feel good, amirite?
Pmagine pf pverything parted pith p. Pretty peculiar, amirite?

Trying to read this just makes me say "poo" and "pee" in my head a lot.

Rush Limbaugh is a slut, amirite?

Oh, I was making a reference to a couple weeks ago when he publicly called sandra fluke a slut for advocating for contraceptives. Just my weird sense off humor I guess.

If you get pulled over and arrested for DUI, you should have rights to finish the bottle of alcohol in the back of the police car. amirite?

Right? It's like, "well, this is probably going to end up being one of the worst nights of your life, so drink up!" At least the drunk person would pass out sooner, in that case.

I'm sorry but Ginny annoys the hell out of me.

My cat definitely has a personality. He's kind of almost like a dog, actually. He can be a bit of an asshole haha but he's hilarious. Wow... Forever alone much?

There's always that one douchebag at the Mexican restaurant who tries to impress the waiters with their high school Spanish vocabulary and just ends up looking like a tool, amirite?

That'd be my dad...