Roses are red Violets are blue I'm procrastinating You probably are too, amirite?

Hardcore procrastination right here...

I am the admin of this computer, I shouldn't have to grant myself permission in order to access certain programs. amirite?
You didn't know that 1.2 million American babies are aborted every year. That's more than every American soldier to have ever died in service. Since 1970, some 55 million American babies have been killed. Have we killed the next Abe Lincoln? Have we killed the next Billy Graham? 33% of babies are aborted in the US. That is the single most dangerous place on the planet, amirite?

Even if it is morally wrong people are still going to do it. So isn't it better to offer abortion as a safe, medical procedure than putting girls at risk performing them illegally themselves?

Her words will remain in our hearts forever: "Move it, football head!" Amirite?

I watched the Hey Arnold movie last night <3

Sometimes if you have too much of something you love, you can begin to dislike it, amirite?

Except for sex.

bad weed taste like burnt popcorn, amirite?

I had weed that tasted like straight up fruit one time. It was life changing.

My cat definitely has a personality. He's kind of almost like a dog, actually. He can be a bit of an asshole haha but he's hilarious. Wow... Forever alone much?

Every man alive wishes they were Barney Stinson, amirite?

Hell, I'm a girl and I wish I were Barney Stinson.

We should just make another internet if this SOPA/PIPA thing gets passed, amirite?

The outernet.

Girls: it is akward when your in a car with someone and you have boobs and the seat belt goes right in the middle of them and they look deformed, amirite?

Girls: it's even more awkward when you're in the car with someone and you don't have boobs.

On Sims 2 you can have pregnant men. How did THAT happen, amirite?

Alien contraception.

Rush Limbaugh is a slut, amirite?

Oh, I was making a reference to a couple weeks ago when he publicly called sandra fluke a slut for advocating for contraceptives. Just my weird sense off humor I guess.

Everyone has pooped somewhere other than a toilet  at some point in the last five years of their lives, amirite?

..... Do you guys not go camping?

People on TV shows never take their shoes off in the house . . amirite?

Mr. Rogers!

Ladybugs have a very specific smell when you squash one, amirite?

D: I have never squashed a ladybug!